JewelMint: A Run-down, First Impressions & My First Jewel Mint Piece – The Here to Eternity Set!

 There are several companies and products that have flourished because of the chatter on beauty blogs all over the world. For one, Sigma Brushes. If I didn’t have a beauty blog, I’d most likely have no idea what Sigma was. Look how popular it is now. When you’re a blogger, you get introduced into so many brands and products that you may not have heard of, been interested prior, or even need. But with the endless blog entries and YouTube videos with crisp images of visually pleasing products and trends – you’ll get sucked in sooner or later.

Personally, a guilty pleasure of mine is reading or watching hauls. I’m not sure why, but it’s exciting to see photos of products I don’t have or products that are pretty. It’s fun to see what people buy and it gives me ideas (as well as a never ending wish list) of things to purchase one day. It’s all up to you whether to restrain yourself from buying things on impulse. Could this possibly be the beauty blogging era of makeup hoarders? I think it would make a nice TV series. Shoot, I’d tune in to see someones ridiculous collection of eyeshadow and blush. 🙂 I’m getting a little off topic now, but It’s like going in Mrs. Field’s just to browse. Who does that!? (Okay, I’m guilty of doing it when I’m on a diet to somehow to visually “feed” my mind without actually eating it, but that’s besides the point) Anyways. I’m sure most of you by now have heard of Jewel Mint.
I don’t really remember how long ago it was when I first heard of Jewel Mint, but I know I first heard of it through a YouTube video of someone showing the pieces they purchased from that particular month. I wasn’t really interested at the time, but since then, Jewel Mint has become so much more popular. One of my absolute favorite Youtuber’s hollyannaeree has done several videos regarding Jewel Mint, and I have to admit, seeing the awesome things she got, made me want to subscribe.

Jewel Mint is basically the same concept as Shoe Dazzle. You first start out by taking a style quiz, and based on your answers, the website will generate a selection of items that should suit your personal style. I have been really liking trendy-edgy accessories lately, so based on the answers I gave, I had several edgy items in my showroom. My Showroom is basically the selection of items that are chosen for me. If I don’t like any of them, I can click “Show Me More” to see the other items that weren’t selected for me. The selection of items changes from month to month. Every item is $29.99. You have no obligation to purchase anything, but once you purchase your first item, you are agreeing to a monthly membership. After your first purchase, you will be billed $29.99 each month and you will have a credit in your account for one item. The shipping is free and there is no sales tax. Like mentioned, each month’s selection will change, and if you don’t like any of the items, you have the option of “skipping” between the 1st and 5th of the month and you will not be billed.

I wasn’t really interested in any of the items August had to offer. I mean, there were a few cute items, but nothing that I really wanted. One item did grow on me a little bit though, and that was the Here to Eternity Set. I’ve been loving the necklace layering trend, as well as the Rose Gold trend, so I thought it would be a perfect item to have. I used the code WELCOME50 and received 50% off my first item, so I paid $14.99. (that’s more like it!)

Shipping was really fast, I received my item within a few days. The packaging is cute. It comes in a mint green box with a little note entailing the description of the item.
Overall, I do like the set. It’s really cute, dainty and feminine. I don’t really care for the earrings, and probably won’t wear them. I have two holes in my ears and the earrings are extremely small and look weird in my first hole and still look a little out of place in the second. I also noticed the earrings are slightly tarnished, which I don’t know if it’s suppose to be that way, or if that happened since I’ve received it. but I honestly don’t think it would be worth the full price of $30. I don’t find the craftsmanship to be anything extra special to have to pay more than what I’d pay at Forever 21 and H&M. The only way I’d be able to say that it’s worth it or not is after having the necklace and wearing it for a while. If the gold doesn’t tarnish and if the chain doesn’t break, I’d say it’s worth it. Otherwise, I’m pretty neutral. 
From reviews I’ve read, I think many of the items are a hit or miss. I doubt I’ll be purchasing additional items each month unless there is an item that’s truly unique and there is a coupon code available.
If you’d like to become a member of Jewel Mint, please use my invitation link HERE! 🙂
What do you think about Jewel Mint?

9 thoughts on “JewelMint: A Run-down, First Impressions & My First Jewel Mint Piece – The Here to Eternity Set!

  1. It definitely is hit or miss but I can honestly say that the pieces I have are all gorgeous and of wonderful quality. My favourites would be the bullet necklace, blushing stones ring and the Eros earrings – if you have a chance to get those I totally recommend! Especially the bullet necklace, it's weighty and wonderfully made, plus with your tan it would be perfect!


  2. Ya some of them are definitely not worth the price. I've heard a lot of people's items tarnish quick.

    Very pretty piece you got.



  3. I just ordered my first purchase from them because of Holly's videos too, she's so good about talking about the brand. I hope the earrings are OK quality. I'm neutral on it as well for now.


  4. I ordered this set it was my 1st purchase. I signed up months ago because I wanted a specific ring but found out my size was sold out =/ I don't like most their peices but this one caught my eye. I don't think I'll purchase much from this company unless they release that ring again.


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