Nordstrom: Window Shopping Trendy Accessories

In my free time I like to browse various sites for the latest trends. I usually try to browse more affordable sites (Forever 21, H&M, Aldo, Etc) because if I see something I really like, it will drive me crazy that I can’t afford it haha!! Bad, I know.
I just created a Wishlist on the Nordstrom site as a fun way to keep track of the items that caught my eye. It gives me a little inspiration and ideas of what styles, etc to look out for when I’m out shopping.
Here are all of the items I added! (PIC HEAVY)
Michael Kors Double Wrap Bracelet (Sand Python) $95.00
Cara Couture Short Crystal Statement Necklace (Silver/Black Diamond) $168.00
See anything you like?

16 thoughts on “Nordstrom: Window Shopping Trendy Accessories

  1. I love all of these! I'm especially happy about the Cara Accessories bracelets because they look so close to Tai Bracelets and I've been looking for a cheaper alternative! Amazing! Thank you!

    also love the Marcia Moran rings and the michael kors snake skin.

    – Sofie


  2. Great minds think alike…I just posted some of the same accessories on my blog the other day! I am loving the MK necklace and all the pyramid studs!! Thanks for sharing!


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