Where do you look for style inspiration?

Have any of you heard of Wendy from wendyslookbook on YouTube? I haven’t heard of her prior to today, and I fell in love with her channel! I thought this “25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes” video is awesome! She has such a likable personality and is so pretty with an amazing sense of style.
I’m mainly subscribed to channels that talk about makeup, and I really don’t know of many “fashion/style” channels. I’d love to hear about some of your favorites where you like to gather inspiration from! Let me know in the comments! 🙂
Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

21 thoughts on “Where do you look for style inspiration?

  1. Wow that is a great channel. Im subscribed to a mix of fashion and beauty. I like Allthingsfabolous101 not sure if thats how u spell fab but she is good and cant remmebr of top of my head. I also like to brwose through magazines and chictopia theres pics of all kindso f girls looks and sizes that you can brwose through.


  2. I like to look at a mix of things to get a well rounded idea. I'll check with popular magazines about what's supposed to be happening in the up and coming seasons. I read the color “mustard” is supposed to be big this fall (dunno about that one for me lol). And I like to read blogs like yours and others to see what the ladies of the U.S. are taking a fancy too. I enjoy my little system :).


  3. That's a good question, I think for me it's from celebs and off duty models, there are certain people who I try to imitate and other times I just buy what I like and hope for the best when it comes to throwing things on lol


  4. when it comes to fashion i usually get inspiration from bloggers rather than youtube. i really like “hey jules” and “fashiontoast”. i also like chrissstttiiine on youtube, she seems really real and chill. and i love wendy's lookbook too. i wish i had her bag collection!!


  5. i was born stylish so it comes naturally lol. just kidding, but i subscribe to about 3-4 different magazines (glamour, allure, marie claire) and i also pick up the people style watch magazines from time to time to check out the trends, tv helps too. I always make sure what i wear actually works for me too and that im not just going with it because it's what's trendy 🙂



  6. Oh my God, I live Wendyslookook, her videos are always well edited! You should definitely check out the following:

    Love them for fashion tips and tricks!!


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