Blogger Crush: Swedish Bombshell Kenza

There are only a small handful of blogs I follow that are in a different language – one of them being the gorgeous Kenza. Seriously, can this girl get any hotter? Her blog is definitely one I check often (usually sobbing as I eat a gallon of ice cream.. LOL j/k) because of her beautiful photos and amazing sense of style. I’d love to raid her wardrobe.
“My name is Kenza Zouiten and I am a 20-year-old half Moroccan girl. I am self-employed, had a funny webshow Kenza & Tyra show which became the largest web TV program, but now continues as host of Channel 5 & Model Hunt! 

I also have my own shoe and clothing collections ( Wildflower by Kenza andJofama by Kenza sold in hundreds of stores throughout the Nordic countries) and I also have a jewelry collection called Guldfynd by Kenza sold at Guldfynd. 

Here in Sweden’s largest blog with about 140,000 visitors each day I write about my everyday life, shoots, fashion, tvinspelningar, travel, shopping & lots of other fun things. ” 

Check out her blog at

What are some of your favorites?

19 thoughts on “Blogger Crush: Swedish Bombshell Kenza

  1. dunno she is pretty, but sort of fake?? i first thought her website was fake. Like.. they pay her to be a 'blogger'…. Not hating just a thought 😉


  2. Im from Sweden but sorry I find her blog kind of boring, just a lot of bikini-pics so I prefer yours 🙂

    And she is half moroccan.

    She was just a normal blogger in the beginning, she became a lot more famous with time.


  3. Thanks for showing me her blog! I'm so happy I understand Swedish, some of the best fashion bloggers are Swedish! (note: Elin Kling) 🙂 🙂


  4. I like Celina's blog she's from Norway, About life, fashion, food, makeup… the whole works. It looks like she has a fabulous life with her b/f.


  5. She is really beautiful and her fashion style is awsome, but her blog is sadly really boring. But that does not stop me from reading her blog everyday haha 😀


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