I need this necklace now.

Photo Credit: Dulce Candy
Photo Credit: Dulce Candy
Dulce Candy was wearing this really cute gold rhinestone spike/cone necklace in a few of her past OOTD’s and I’ve been dying to know where she got it from. I asked around for a while, and came up with nothing. Finally, she posted another OOTD today wearing the same necklace. Turns out that it’s from Forever 21! I was totally surprised to hear that as I figured it was a designer brand.
Apparently it comes in silver, gold and a charcoal/pewter metal? and retails for $14.80. It isn’t available online, but I’ve heard from a couple of sources that they spotted it recently at their local Forever 21 stores.
I’ll be on the lookout for it and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll find it! 🙂
Have you noticed that I’ve been completely obsessed with spikes lately? I have no idea why.

UPDATE: Thanks so much for those of you who alerted me that the necklace is now available online! How Ironic? lol Anyway, the link is HERE.

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