Made Her Think Horizons Necklace. Familiar, No?

So, I was a little compelled to share this with you all. It’s no surprise by now that Forever 21 knocks off designs from designer brands and sells the product for a tiny fraction of the price. You can Google “Forever 21 Knockoffs” or check the following article for details (
I remember when I use to wear a knock off Chanel bag back in high school and Chanel logo earrings and thought they were the coolest thing around. Then the fakes began to multiply and multiply and I got to the point where I was embarrassed to wear them anymore. In some cases, it does cheapen the real thing. But, I’m not bankrolling over here either to be able to purchase really high end items. In fact, I’ve been eyeballing replica YSL Arty Rings and Alexander Wang Rocco Bags for the past few weeks with the full intention of purchasing them. 
What’s your take on replica items? I’m curious to know!

Alexis linked me to an awesome NYC Designer site and something looked very familiar…

Haha! I can’t believe how similar they are – right down to the chain. Anyhow, Made Her Think is a totally awesome site which I kinda wish I didn’t know about.. LOL I’ve got my eyes on a couple of things..
Love this ring. Too cute. The link is here.
Also, you can check out Alexis’ latest post for her recent Made Her Think earring purchase! (click here)
Happy Shopping!

19 thoughts on “Made Her Think Horizons Necklace. Familiar, No?

  1. I'm absolutely against fakes. First, its illegal. I know, it's like pot….one of those above ground illegal industries. But for many other reasons to….mainly for me, the moral aspect of it. It's a lie and well, I'm just not comfortable with that.

    However, I have absolutely no problem with items that are inspired by existing designs. Take the F21 necklace you posted. Although VERY similar, there are noticeable differences and its not trying to pass itself off as the real thing. To me, F21, Zara, Asos, etc. are all totally fine. Their business is to create similar pieces to runway designs, not to pass their goods off as the real deal. In fact, I think inspired goods are actually quite flattering to the originating design..

    Just my 2 cents. 🙂


  2. Holy crap, now that they are side by side they really are! I really don't have any problems with replicas as long as they are not exactly the same like stated above(Not very many people are rolling around in Benjamins). Funny enough, the only thing I have ever had a problem with is when someone puts someone down for buying the real or fake thing. I have always thought that it is VERY rude to judge what people spend their money on. Thanks for the shout out! And omg that website you posted has the most hilarious articles ever! My new favorite!


  3. I don't shop at F21 anymore b/c of ethical/humane reasons. Their sweatshops (A BIG DEAL), the fact that they replicate everything, and IMO the quality is just horrible. I am not floating in money either so if I cannot have something valuable thats made with ethics, for example something from American Apparel, then I rather have nothing at all.

    But, then again, I would never judge where others shop, nor is it my business to do so. I feel people should make their own decisions based on what they feel is right, and I made mine 🙂


  4. I like them both but I am leaning towards the f21 necklace (the price plays a huge part). As far as replicas go, I dont really mind because the prices are always better than the designers but I think I would have a different opinion if I were a designer having to deal with companies knocking of my work just to make a profit.


  5. I'm ok w/ certain fakes, when they aren't very obvious fakes. I've seen fendi, LV and coach fakes and i would never wear those, but when it comes to jewelry I think it's ok b/c I'm not someone who likes to wear the same jewelry over and over again. Your right though, it does cheapen the real thing


  6. Hey gorgeous! Guess what? The forever 21 necklace is DEFINITELY on the website currently! You can buy it online 🙂 I like it better than the more expensive version.


  7. I don't have a problem with fakes unless it's such a well known item that EVERYONE knows it's a fake. Like, I would have never known this necklace was a replica of an expensive. But purses, I usually know what they are trying to copy. But if other ppl want to buy fakes, buy it! Who cares, don't judge until you know the person's circumstance


  8. what a interesting behavior…curious you know, girls are like a huge tribe, all the time sharing information about fashion and nice things, something that definitely we boys never have, definitely Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus jajajaja.


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