Check out "GlamLifeGuru" on YouTube!

Whenever I come across a blog or YT channel I really like, I always like to share them with all of you because maybe some of you would enjoy them as well!
I was newly introduced to her blog by a fellow blogger (I’m so sorry, I don’t remember who it was) and I’ve been hooked on her videos ever since! 
Tatiana of GlamLifeGuru is a gorgeous image consultant/stylist that resides in LA. For fun, she likes to make videos such as fashion/makeup hauls, product reviews and my favorite videos – the weekly drugstore sales! Every week she does separate videos for CVS, Walgreen’s and Rite Aid highlighting all of the sales on cosmetics as well as other great buys you can find. She also links in her information bar coupons (if available) on certain products and mentions if there are coupons out in the newspaper/P&G mailers, etc for certain products. SO HELPFUL!
I love checking my local drugstores for good deals on cosmetics, but I rarely ever check the websites for sales. Tati’s videos are incredibly useful and by watching them, I’ll know if I should in for a good deal on something I need! Because of her latest CVS video, I was able to snag a Physician’s Formula product I’ve wanted which is normally $10.99 for $3.99. Totally awesome.

She is very well spoken and has an adorable, quirky sense of humor. Her boyfriend (or is it husband? I’m not sure) is the cameraman behind it all and usually says a joke here and there in each video. I’ve seen in her comments that some people find her bf to be a little over-the-top because he tends to compliment her or is “too” affectionate in her videos – and I understand that some people prefer to watch a certain video to get straight down to the point – some people don’t like to hear ramblings, see footage of pets, etc.. but It really doesn’t bother me at all. She is SO cute, and I don’t blame him at all for saying how pretty she is!! She is providing awesome videos for everyone, free of charge, and she does say she does these videos for fun. I’m sure if she wanted the videos to be more professional, she’d easily be able to do that, but I like how her personality shines through in her videos and she doesn’t edit everything out.

Anyways, hope you like her channel!

9 thoughts on “Check out "GlamLifeGuru" on YouTube!

  1. Thanks for sharing! I do like her videos and since I have a CVS like 30 seconds away.. like it's next door.. i know what I can look for! I'm so happy. I like the way she talks…it just flows..anyway thanks natalie!


  2. That's a really helpful video. Her boyfriend isn't as helpful or as clever as he seems to think he is. His taking the gum from her was way more distracting than her chewing the gum. It is really awesome of him to be so supportive of her, go with her, and do the filming. He gets loads of bonus points for all of that.


  3. I also learned about her from another blog and I totaly adore her. She is sooo pretty, smart and funny! But as I am not from states, it just makes me miserable knowing I am missing on so many deals!


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