Physician’s Formula Powder Palette Healthy Glow Bronzer!

Physician’s Formula Healthy Glow Bronzer


  • Just the right color combination to enhance skin tone and correct imperfections. 
  • Provides soft, natural color without a harsh monotone cast.

Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-free. Oil-free. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist approved. 

There are a whopping twelve (12) shades to the Powder Palette series, with an array of translucent and finishing powders, color correcting powders, blushes, bronzers and highlighters.

There are three (3) bronzer shades, Healthy Glow Bronzer, Light Bronzer and Bronzer. Light Bronzer appeared the lightest, and Bronzer appeared the darkest. Originally, I planned to purchase Bronzer, the darkest shade, but upon closer inspection, it looked to similar to some of the bronzers I already own. (Guerlain Brunette #2, maybe?) It definitely appeared to be very terracotta red/brown). I figured Light Bronzer wouldn’t show up on my skintone, so I chose Healthy Glow Bronzer.


Healthy Wear Bronzer is a mosaic powder bronzer containing a variety of matte, medium toned browns – a couple are cool, but the majority are warm. There are also a few areas of light pink. When swirled together, the combination of shades come together to create a light-medium, warm tan. I think the pink blocks give this bronzer a slight peachy-blushed tone.

The packaging is okay – I wish it was a little nicer for the price. It’s a little bulky and it’s not that pretty with it’s clear flip-top lid. I’m sure it will get scratched up to no end as soon as I toss it in my bag. What’s nice about it though is that the pan lifts up, and there’s a little compartment that houses a little brush and underneath the pan is a mirror. The brush is a little too scratchy, so I won’t be using it. The mirror will come in handy though.

The powder itself is like a really soft face powder (not in a cheap way). The coverage is pretty sheer, but can easily be built very well with light coats. It’s actually considered one of the sheerest of the whole PF bronzer range. Because it is matte, it can work well applied all over the face for added color or as a subtle contour. I like using a soft kabuki or dense powder brush and swirl the powder into my cheeks and around my hairline.

The color blends really effortlessly, and diffuses into the cheeks for a natural finish. It doesn’t appear dirty or muddy, even when layered. It also seems to control oil pretty well.

Here is the bronzer swatched on my hand – I applied it a little heavy with a duo-fibre brush.

And, a quick comparison to the Bronze Booster in Med to Dark and the Chanel Bronze Universel. It’s in the same color family, just a little lighter. It looks very light when swatched, but warms up to the skin.

The lasting power is the best when it’s applied over a foundation. I’ve applied it to my bare skin, and the color seemed to fade pretty quickly. It will get me through the day when applied over my foundation. It also controls excess oil pretty well.

I really like using beauty powders (MAC MSFN’s or Beauty Powders) because of their blend-ability. This powder blends really well and looks really natural on my face. It works fantastic as a contour for my cheekbones and nose, as well as an all over bronzer for a little extra warmth. I really like this product so far and I’m going to continue using it! I have a feeling it’s going to become a favorite. I’ll keep you posted!

This bronzer retails for around $13.95 for 0.3 oz/9g and can be found at your local drugstore. (I’d wait till you see a sale, because that’s a little expensive)

15 thoughts on “Physician’s Formula Powder Palette Healthy Glow Bronzer!

  1. Thanks for posting! I've been eyeing that Bronzer for awhile now & I agree.. it's a bit steep considering it's only drugstore, but hey, if the quality's up-to-par! Btw, I love going to your blog for reviews :o)


  2. Your reviews are to point! thanks so much. I would like to try this product and happy to hear that it helps control oil, bc I have oily skin and always look for products that help control it 🙂


  3. Hey Natty,

    The bronzer could act as a blush and bronzer for me cuz it looks like it has a little reddish undertone in your swatches. I'm an NC30/35 by the way. =)

    Also, I noticed you like to try drugstore products. I'm having a giveaway on my blog, if you're interested. The prize includes 10 items. Winner gets to choose 10 items out of 47 items. =)


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