What’s your favorite tinted moisturizer?

Since the beginning of time (or well, since High School) I’ve always been a huge fan of medium, buildable to full coverage foundations. The more buildable the better. I’ve researched every brand that offers high coverage foundations (and purchased several) and it wasn’t until recently – maybe the past 6 months that I’ve realized I don’t need all that coverage. 
I always loved the look of a completely flawless, airbrushed face. Therefore, I never found interest in exploring each of my favorite brands lighter coverage options. 
My recent love, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua opened up my mind, that more isn’t always better. My preference for a foundation has actually changed from medium-full to light-medium.
I don’t have acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, etc. All I have is a little redness in my cheeks and some minor blemishes here and there. Through watching one of Lisa Eldridge’s videos, it really made me think. Why in the world am I covering up all of my “good” blemish-free skin with a full coverage foundation, because I have a breakout on my chin? That’s what concealer is for. I definitely recommend watching the video below. It’s extremely helpful!
I’ve grown to like the look of my redness peeking through my foundation a little bit and even some of my freckles – which I’ve always stressed concealing prior. 
Furthermore, I get asked pretty frequently what my favorite tinted moisturizer is, and the truth is, I’ve never tried one! So, I’d have to give recommendations based on reviews – rather than from my personal experience. Often times I recommend Laura Mericer or Bobbi Brown as they are really popular choices.
So, I made a special trip to Sephora to pick up a sample for myself of the oil-free tinted moisturizer. The Sales Associate was incredibly kind and recommended trying it with the oil-free primer, so I have a little sample of that as well. And she added in some really awesome extras – I’m very curious to try the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara. I’ve tried the waterproof version, and I really liked it! But it did transfer under my eyes after a couple of hours, which was a total bummer.
Anyway, can’t wait to try the tinted moisturizer and I’ll post my thoughts as soon as my sample is done! In the meantime, I’d love to hear all of your recommendations on your favorite tinted moisturizers so I can pick up a few more samples.
Talk to you all soon!

30 thoughts on “What’s your favorite tinted moisturizer?

  1. Origins Vitazing! I can skip foundation with it sometimes, and I have acne scarring… it's amazing 🙂 The new Stila sheer tint and illuminating tinted moisturizer are great, too.


  2. I've tried both the regular Laura Mercier TM and the oil-free one. Even though I have oily, acne prone skin, I actually prefer the regular because I feel its suprisingly less heavy/thick & easier to blend than the oil-free. Neither have broke me out and both look amazing on their own or used as a moisturizer under a light foundation.

    <3 Natalie


  3. I love the Korres Watermelon Tinted Moisturiser, it has a matt finish, is oil free and has an SPF of 30. It covers more than a normal tinted moisturiser, but it feels extremely light on the skin and lets freckles peep through. Let us know what you decide to try! xx


  4. I felt exactly the way you did about foundation. I love having an airbrushed face using foundation and never paid any attention to tinted moisturizers. I've only tried the ELF one and I really liked it.


  5. I really love the Sonia Kashuk in TAN tinted moisturizer. I have re-purchased twice already I love it so much! I haven't tried any high-end TM. This is the 3rd one I've tried and I love this one. At around $10, it's not too inexpensive, but it's def worth a shot!


  6. I have always wanted to try the Laura Mercier tinted moistureizer. I heard a lot about it over the summer from Youtube videos and blogs. But I am one of those girls who loves a full coverage foundation!



  7. I used Tarte's Smooth Operator for a long time, but it just doesn't hold up on my oily skin.
    Recently I discovered what I think is THE BEST TM ever: Fusion Beauty's PrimeResults Tinted Moisturizer. I got a few samples of it and loved it. It has a primer built into the formula, as well as SPF 15. The main reason I love it though is because it has excellent coverage for a tinted moisturizer. It's expensive at $40 but worth it! Definitely pick up some samples next time you're at Sephora!


  8. Ahhh, it's so nice to hear you say this! Wearing heavy makeup, well looks heavy and feels heavy. It's fine for those times when you need or want more coverage but wait until you get use to wearing a tinted moisturizer:) I think you recall my posts about my own search for a tinited moisturizer. It's hard to find one. You might end up liking three and that's ok. I personally love Philospy's in the summer, love Tarte any time and Laura Mercier is nice but I have to add one of the others I mentioned to it because it's too light of a color. Either way, knowing you, I wouldn't be surprised if you found a few new loves! Take care!


  9. I just watched Lisa's video on covering problem areas and it makes complete complete sense!!!!! let me know how you like the LM tinted moisturizer… i'm a little disappointed that her range doesn't carry enough shades with yellow undertones!


  10. Laura Mercier oil free is hands down the best tinted moisturizer i've ever used! gives amazing coverage and is so lightweight feeling! i once bought the tarte smooth operator and it definitely did not trumph the Laura Mercier one. It made me look more oily (despite using powder) and didn't give as much coverage (didn't even cover my redness that well).
    Can't wait to read your views on them!!


  11. I watched that same video the other day and had the same revelation. Like you, I don't have acne, just redness on my cheeks and the occasional spot. Since watching the video, I have only applies my liquid foundation to areas I feel I need it and I have to say my face looks more natural and flawless then it did, when I slapped foundation onto my whole face. PUAHA long comment lol

    Great post btw 🙂


  12. I know this is old, but Boots makes the BEST tinted moisturizer. This coming from a girl who was a Laura Mercier addict….and it's only around $10!


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