NOTD: Essie Ballet Slippers!

Three (3) Coats of Essie Ballet Sippers & One (1) Coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat
Three (3) Coats of Essie Ballet Sippers & One (1) Coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat
(These photos were taken three days after I applied it. No chips yet!)

Essie Ballet Slippers is a pale, milky sheer pink. The polish isn’t really meant to be opaque, but I applied three coats to better cover the discoloration of my tips (they are currently stained yellow-ish from my self tanner). Two coats looks nice for less opacity. I actually prefer the sheer look of two, because with the more coats you apply, the more pastel (almost white) the color will appear and it’s too big of a contrast if I’m too tan. 
The formula isn’t the best, as with a lot of Essie’s polishes, it applies a bit streaky, but with careful hands & less brush strokes, you can get away with a streak-free manicure. 
I think it’s a great shade for a formal occasion, the workplace or for every day. It’s very natural, and looks polished, clean and feminine. It’s also a great shade to use for french tips. 
According to Essie, it’s one of their best sellers. I think it’s the simplicity of the shade that makes it so popular. It’s one of those no brainer shades you can wear for absolutely anything and it will always match your outfit. Kind of like “your nails, but better.”

20 thoughts on “NOTD: Essie Ballet Slippers!

  1. That's a nice colour and one I haven't tried. I was looking for a nice nudish colour for pedicures and this might be the one! On a side note I love the change to Essie's bottles with the writing in white, looks so much better. I have a real problem with streaks, I can't seem to avoid them. Maybe I'm not patient enough when applying?!


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