Review: Ellen Lange Express Retexturizing Peel Kit!

Ellen Lange Express Retexturizing Peel Kit

An effective, yet gentle, exfoliation process that removes dull surface cells to reveal healthy new skin. This peel kit combines glycolic, microbeads and enzymes to create an extremely effective at home peel.
The peel claims to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, eliminate dry patches, minimize pore size and control periodic breakouts.
This peel kit contains 10% Glycolic. 5% in the peel accelerator pads and 5% in the peel solution. The pH of the Glycolic Acid is 3.5-3.7.
The Kit Includes:
Peel Prep (2 oz.)
Peel Accelerator Pads (60 pads)
Glycolic Peel Solution (1.5 oz.)
Fan Brush
Measuring Cup
Directions for use: 
Step #1 Peel Prep Scrub: Cleanse face and apply to slightly damp skin. Gently massage in a circular motion over entire face for 30 to 60 seconds. Leave on for an additional minute. Rinse well with water and pat dry.
Step #2 Peel Accelerator Pad: Gently wipe textured pad over entire face to accelerate exfoliation. Allow solution to completely dry.
Step #3 Peel Solution: Pump 1 teaspoon into marked dispensing cup provided. Use brush and follow diagram  (shown on the box) stroking solution over forehead, t-zone, chin and cheeks. Peel will foam gradually. Leave on for 8 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water and gently pat dry.
*For extra benefit use Peel Accelerator Pads daily after cleansing at night. 


I’ve been interested in trying a glycolic peel/mask for a while now, so when I got my hands on this kit, I was very excited. I was using AHA products several months ago, but I did eventually stop using them and swapped them out for different products I like. I received the kit a couple of months ago, and although you’re supposed to use it once a week, I’ve only been using it once every two weeks. So, I’ve used it four times so far.
There are eight (8) peels in total. What that basically means is, there is only enough glycolic solution for 8 treatments. Although it may look like a big bottle, it only houses 1.5 oz of product. There will be some Peel Prep and Peel Accelerator Pads left over, which can be used for daily exfoliation or whenever needed.
1) The first step is the Peel Prep, which is a bright orange gel with a slight gritty texture. The directions are to apply it for 30-60 seconds, and I always rub it in for 60 seconds. The grit is extra fine, and feels like a sugar scrub. My skin reacted really well to it and wasn’t irritated at all.
2) The second step is the Peel Accelerator Pad, which is a thin, round pad saturated in solution – much like Oxy or Stridex pads. I was really surprised to see that when I rubbed my face with the pad, it had a little but of a scratchy texture. Especially once the pad becomes a little bit drier from use, it will feel a little rough on the face. When allowing it to dry on my face, my face starts to feel a little hot.
3) The third step is applying the glycolic solution with the fan brush. You have to work quickly because once the solution touches your face it will foam up fairly quick and will become difficult to spread. During the 8 minutes of the peel being left on my face, my face starts to feel extremely hot and it doesn’t subside until I rinse it off my face. I’m sure it depends on the individuals tolerance to glycolic acid, but each time I used the solution it burned. I became a little nervous the first time I used it because my face felt like it was on fire and so I rinsed my face within 5 minutes, but there was no irritation so the following times I used it for the full eight minutes. I’m very tolerant, so it’s nothing that really bothered me. I watched Lisasz09‘s recent Youtube video review for this kit and she didn’t experience any burning – but her skin is very use to chemical peels, etc. So it will definitely differ from person to person. I do agree with everything she had to say about the peel, so if you’d like to see her review you can check it out HERE.
After washing off the solution, my skin feels back to normal – no irritation or burning. I’d then apply any serums/treatments and a moisturizer. The following morning my skin looks so much better. It looks clear, radiant and my skintone looks more even. My pores look much smaller and less noticeable, and I could go with very minimal foundation. I find that my skin looks the absolute best the first 3-4 days after the peel. Kind of like Lisa mentioned, the radiance wears off by the end of the week, and then there will be a couple more days where you can do the peel again. Also, with some glycolic peels, they may actually cause your skin to peel, but I don’t think the glycolic solution is strong enough to peel the skin. I didn’t experience any peeling or dryness. 
I currently don’t have any scars, so I can’t say if it does in fact fade acne/blemish scars. I do agree with all of the claims of minimizing pore size, evening out the skintone, exfoliating the skin and creating a healthy glow. I think this kit is fabulous for maintaining a really healthy glow or for special occasions. You may remember a while back I reviewed the A.H.A. Brazilian Peel, which contained 30% glycolic acid, but I like the Ellen Lange better overall. The Brazilian Peel was good for fading scars, but I think the Ellen Lange kit works better for the overall complexion.
I haven’t already, but I’m going to start using the accelerator pads between peels for extra exfoliation. I think they are pretty awesome.
The kit retails for $65 on the Ellen Lange website, which I don’t think is too bad, but the glycolic solution will only last for two months. It can get expensive if you decide to keep up with it ($400 a year), but I think it’s a really nice treat for the skin.
If you’d like to read more about the product, click HERE to be re-directed. Also, you can read up other reviews on makeupalley for this product HERE (rating of 4.1/5 with a 76% re-purchase rate based on 17 reviews)
Is there any peel you can recommend? I’d be really interested in trying others!
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration. The opinions expressed in this post are all my own, from my personal experience with using this product. Results can vary from person to person based on their individual skincare needs. 

5 thoughts on “Review: Ellen Lange Express Retexturizing Peel Kit!

  1. Hi, this sounds like a really interesting product from a brand I'm not familiar with. Reducing the pore size is the most intriguing part, as I'm into that at the moment. Another chemical peel product you could try if you wanted to is Philosophy's The Microdelivery Peel. I've used it a few times with good results, and have a review coming up if you'd like to see photos of it in more detail.
    I love these kinds of products, they're like spa treatments at home.

    PS thank you for following me, I really appreciate it


  2. This sounds really interesting, but a little on the pricey side, especially for a medical student like me. Have you ever tried the Olay microdermabrasion kit? Its gotten really good reviews on Make-up Alley.


  3. I have used the Ellen Lange peel kit for about 5 years now. I think this at-home treatment is fabulous. I do go for regularly facials/microdermabrasions (every 8wks), and this products really helps keep my skin glowing and rejuvinated in between my regular facials. If you use the kit, use the glycolic pads daily and exfoliator 2x a week. i find that made a huge difference in my skin. hope that little tip helps.


  4. I enjoyed following the whole entry, I always thought one of the main things to count when you write a blog is learning how to complement the ideas with images, that's exploiting at the maximum the possibilities of a ciber-space! Good work on this entry!


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