Review: Clarins Instant Definition Mascara!

Clarins Instant Definition Mascara

This month Clarins launched a few new products, one of them being the Instant Definition Mascara to add to their permanent line of mascaras. Clarins may not be a brand you’d naturally think of when it comes to mascara, as they only have a few to choose from – all of which, don’t have too many reviews. But, this mascara is definitely worth mentioning.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Naturally volumise and thicken your lashes with the Clarins Instant Definition Mascara, a nourishing formulation with an innovative brush. The creamy texture creates a highly resistant film along each and every lash for day-long wear that doesn’t flake or smudge. The barrel shape of the brush ensures completely even coverage from root to tip, and densely packed bristles of the nylon fibre brush ensure glossy volume every time. The added bonus? An elastomer bristle tip that works to separate and define the tinier lashes for perfect lash precision. Lashes are thickened and restructured, with enviable body and shine thanks to an intense concentration of colour-rich pigments. The repairing formulation strengthens the lashes as it colours them, with mineral-rich red and brown algae extracts as well as glycoproteins to keep lashes in great shape. Opthamologist and dermatologist tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
Directions for use: Apply mascara along the whole length of lashes, from root to tip, with the fibre brush. With the elastomer brush, make up the smallest, shortest lashes at the inner and outer corner of eyes, including the bottom lashes. Separate lashes one by one and optimize distribution of the mascara.
On the US site, this mascara is available in one shade; 01 Intense Black. *EDIT: It’s actually available in three (3) shades. Intensive Black, Intensive Brown and Intensive Blue.

The star of this mascara is the design of the brush. If you all liked the wand of Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara because of the little bristles at the tip of the wand, you’ll really like this wand. It’s your standard bristle wand, not too large, not too small and towards the end of the wand, the bristles are very short. The design makes it a synch to get to those smaller lashes, especially in the corners of your eye and bottom lashes.

The packaging is also very nice. It’s a pale gold, squared tube with a little groove on the handle of the wand, which makes a nice little grip for your thumb while applying the mascara. (seen in the first photo) It’s also reflective, so if you happened to forget a mirror, you can use the tube. (BTW, Do any of you have a mirror app on your phone? I tried using my boyfriends and I just had to laugh. I think if the creators can’t figure out how to somehow “morph” the phone into a real mirror, I don’t think they should have a mirror app, period. I cannot see a dang thing in a face-forward, crappy pixelated camera.) I’m always a fan of pretty packaging (as long as the actual product delivers), especially gold packaging or detailing, so for all of you make-up snobs, it’s something chic to have in your cosmetic bag. 😉
The mascara has a bit of a wet formula, so when I apply it after I’ve curled my lashes, I usually manage to get mascara on my eyelids. It is of course avoidable if you apply it with your head slightly tiled back, rather than applying it straight-on in the mirror. Usually when I apply the mascara, I rarely have to dip my brush back in for one eye. The end of the wand picks up enough product to evenly distribute across the lashes. Aside from the brush easily reaching the corners, I love that I can get real precise and apply the mascara directly to the base of my lashes. It’s a great mascara for length and volume. It’s easily buildable with the constant brushing of the lashes. It also doesn’t clump my lashes together, which is always a plus. It also keeps my lashes nice and pliable (not crispy), so I can easily add another coat or comb through them later in the day.
Here are my lashes with one good coat.
Lastly, it doesn’t flake throughout the day, and I’ve only noticed a teeny bit of transfer (smudges) under my eyes after several hours of wearing it. It only happened a couple of times though, and I think it was probably from not having my concealer properly set with powder. So I always make sure I set my under-eyes with a good amount of powder, and it doesn’t transfer.
Overall, I really like this mascara and I’m going to continue using it on a daily basis. It’s a little expensive at $24 a tube, so I’m not sure if I’d re-purchase it, but I’m happy with it’s performance. 
Disclaimer: The product mentioned was sent to me for consideration. The opinions expressed in this post are all my own, from my personal experience with using this product.

12 thoughts on “Review: Clarins Instant Definition Mascara!

  1. very classy packaging, I bought this at a beauty sample sale at work for 1 GBP. unfortunately it was intense brown and I can only get away with black masacara so I gave it to my boyfriends niece as a gift, glad to know it's a good one 🙂


  2. i love clarins , they have such good products that never dissapoint..
    The longwear foundation is great!! with super good color match. only foundation i have ever repurchased
    nice review


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