Jewelmint Ever Frost Ring Review with Lots of Photos!

jewelmint ever frost ring

Jewelmint Ever Frost Ring

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Alpine trend alert! Get lost in a winter wonderland with this sleek design. Our 1” wide geometric ring boats pave crystal icing and pearly white enamel. Pulling off this piece yearlong is easy with its glowing 14k gold-plated sides. Give your closet a fresh spin, and live out your Snow White fantasy in the most modern way.
I can’t really say all of the Jewelmint pieces are “me”, but I’ll usually find at least one piece a month that I really like. This month the only others I liked were the Western Dream Earrings, Lunar Blue Necklace and Silver Zip Bracelet. I’ve liked the Silver Zip Bracelet for a while now, and I feel like I’ll regret not eventually getting it. I guess I’m just waiting for a good coupon code to come along (a really good coupon code).

I liked the Ever Frost Ring a lot in the photos, and I’m really happy with my choice. I love mixing metals and the fact that it’s silver, gold and white, it’s very versatile. I’ve been wearing it with both silver, gold and rose gold and it always matches great. I really like the way it looks on the same hand with my Rose Gold watch combined with a silver bracelet. It’s really trendy, edgy and is definitely a statement ring. 
It seems very well crafted, and although it may look really heavy, it’s actually pretty lightweight. My ring finger is a 6, but since I didn’t know how the sizing would run, to be safe, I figured I’d order a 7. I’d most likely wear it on pointer finger or middle finger anyway. Well, I got the 7 and it falls right off my ring finger but fits fine on my pointer and middle finger – it’s not very snug on either, so I believe it runs slightly large, if anything.
jewelmint ever frost ring
Did you order anything this month?
If you haven’t heard of Jewelmint, check it out HERE. There are so many coupon codes out that it’s hard to keep track of them all, but the best codes are always for first time purchases.
The best code I found for New Members/First Purchase is 60% OFF Your first piece with code: EXITPOP60. It’s not stated when it expires (it may be 9/30). It will bring the $29.99 price tag down to $11.99 AND you get free shipping. Awesome deal.
For Existing Members, the best I’ve found is $8 OFF your next purchase with code: AEREE. You’ll end up paying $21.99 with free shipping, which isn’t too bad depending on the item you choose (some seem more worth it than others).
Happy Shopping!

18 thoughts on “Jewelmint Ever Frost Ring Review with Lots of Photos!

  1. Love the lunar blue necklace& western earrings. Never heard of jewel mint. I actually just ordered the necklace with the code!! Thankyou :))) !!
    Love your blog!


  2. Hey Hey, I got the Forever Audrey earrings in addition to my regular subscription (Pomander pendant). You're making this ring look great! My Love that Binds bracelet clasp broke 😦 so I'm going to have to return it, sooo bummed.


  3. Haha I definitely just purchased this with the code…thanks so much! 🙂 I bought the lunar blue necklace a few months ago and would say to wait for a really good code to come along before getting it. They make it seem like a long chain in the photo (at least, that's what I thought) but it's a lot shorter in person. Plus the weight of the chain makes it really heavy on. It's pretty, but you can definitely wait on it.

    PS. Love your blog!


  4. Such a cute ring! I like that it's a bit big and bulky. I wish I could wear mixed metal rings, but my skin reacts poorly to them :(. Even my wite gold wedding band has given me a rash … oh well!!


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