My new hair color + a couple photos of Rocky :)

I ended up dying my hair last night with the hair dye I posted about yesterday. It was the Clairol Nice n’ Easy Colorblend Foam in the shade #4 Dark Brown. Prior to dying my hair, my hair color was an ashy, medium brown with a bunch of golden brown-auburn tones towards the bottom. This dye changed my color to a very dark, rich brown. I really like it, and I’m hoping it’s not going to fade considerably once I wash my hair. 

As for the dye, I don’t think I’d purchase it again. I thought the idea of using a foam was kinda cool, but I actually find it a little inconvenient to use – especially when using a brush to coat the roots. Also another inconvenience, by the looks of the container, it looks like a pump – but it’s not. You have to squeeze the bottle for the foam to dispense. Not a big deal, but it’s a little awkward. I waited the full 25 minutes, conditioned and rinsed. It left my hair feeling really dry. I could barely get a brush through my hair. On the plus side, it seemed to take well to my gray hairs, and the color looks great. I’ll just have to make sure to load up on the deep conditioners. I’m almost done with my Aussie Deep Conditioner. I think I might pick up the “It’s a 10” Miracle Leave in Conditioner. I saw it today at ULTA in a pink bottle for Breast Cancer Awareness. (For more info, click here) Anyone recommend it?
Reviva Labs Makeup Primer
MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer in NW20
MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC40 mixed with Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage in #10 Bare Buff to lighten
MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Honey Rose (highlight/blush, applied to cheeks and nose)
MAC Sculpt (to contour cheeks)
MAC Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder (bronzer, applied along cheeks and forehead)
Guerlain Meteorites in Mythic (setting powder)
Bare Escentuals Well Rested mixed with Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder (to set concealer)
Maybelline Define-a-Brow in Medium Brown
Maybelline Great Lash CLEAR Mascara (to set brows)
MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot (applied all over lid as a base)
MAC Melon Pigment (applied all over the lid, on top of Rubenesque)
MAC Constructivist Paint Pot (smudged across upper and lower lashline and smoked out)LOVE!
Shiseido Mascara Base
Maybelline The Falsie’s Mascara
MAC Subculture Lip Liner
Milani Rosehip Lipstick
MAC Clear Lipglass
I bought this cute little Halloween pajama for Rocky a few days ago at Target. He looks so adorable, but he is always so full of energy, I could not get a decent picture of him. The first picture was the best I could do for now. lol
He looks like Alfalfa.
And, here he is being his typical watch dog self. I was outside on the patio trying to get his attention, but he kept ignoring me. Typical guy.

Talk to you all soon!

62 thoughts on “My new hair color + a couple photos of Rocky :)

  1. You're so beautiful 🙂 Awwe, and your dog is so cute!

    You should look into Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Hair Masque at Ulta. I have been using it on my dry and damaged hair for months now and I love it! Just did a blog post about it not too long ago.


  2. I highly recommend the It's a 10 leave in conditioner. I dye my hair to a very light (white) blonde color so it is pretty dry. This makes my hair so soft and hydrated. I have also heard very good things about using the Macadamia Repair Masque but have never tried it.


  3. Gorgeous! I want to dye my hair back to dark brown again, its closest to my natural color & I recently lightened it and kind of hate it! Now I'm reay to re-dye!


  4. Rocky is sooo cute! He reminds me of Albi so much 🙂 I think they even have the same crazy temperament, lol! Your hair colour is just gorgeous, as are you! Love it!! It's so rich and beautiful! xxx


  5. I think this dark color is perfect for you!! Back when I used to use box dye before I started mixing my own dye I would buy Nice n Easy natural. It's ammonia free. The stuff still stank like nobody's business but it did less damage to my hair. I have used other Nice n Easy dyes too, they're great as well.

    Your dog just looks too cute in that costume!


  6. The color is great, bummer it makes your hair feel dry! Have you tried Colorsilk? It covers my random gray hairs and leaves my hair really soft with the included conditioner, PLUS it's cheap as chips. BTW your dentist must love you, you have really nice-looking teeth!


  7. your hair looks beautiful dark like that, i plan on coloring my hair a shade or 2 darker this week. rocky looks sooo adorable in his costume!! my dog is so weird, whenever i put him in clothes he won't move at all, like 5 min will go by and he will sit there the whole time and not budge even if i offer him a treat. it's like he goes comatose or something lol



  8. You're hair looks awesome, perfect for fall!!
    I just bought my millionth bottle of the It's a 10 Leave in Conditioner. It is seriously a magic potion for your hair, and I color mine quite often. It takes my hairs from brittle and frizzy to smooth and silky. If you have the extra dough defs pick up the deep conditioner by It's a 10, it's just as amazing.


  9. I find the foam dye fades terribly…within a couple weeks. I use the same color, and I love how one box is enough to cover my whole head I have waist length hair. The dark color looks amazing on you. I find the best at home hair dye I've used is Gosh brand in dark brown….I'm not sure if you have that in the USA, it may be strictly Canadian/UK. 🙂


  10. It's a ten is a great leave in conditioner. I work at Ulta and we gave samples of it out in a gift bag about two months back and we've got nothing but good feedback. It's pink too! All of our breast cancer pink stuff came out today and the whole store is so cute. Another hair restoration to try is the Ojon Oil, it's normally showcased at the cash register.


  11. You look gorgeous with darker hair! I have also dyed mine darker recently and didn't think I would like it, but I love it!
    Oh and I won't try the Nice n Easy foam, even though I was dying to… Your review has helped me!
    Ps… Rocky is so cute!


  12. That hair colour looks great on you! 🙂 But I haven't heard many good things about that hair dye either.

    Awww Rocky looks so cute in his little outfit!! Heheheh


  13. I hope that you and you're family are doing well… I saw a few days ago on Twitter that you're going through a rough patch.
    Keep strong doll, I wish you all the best!


  14. I love your hair, you look like Kim Kardashian!
    I find foam hair dyes uncomfortable to use as well, it's just too messy for me and I find it hard to get the color as close to my roots as I want to.
    Great post!


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