A huge thank you..

Before I start getting back into my “normal” posts, I’d like to thank you all for your amazing comments on my last post. I didn’t expect to receive so many responses, especially such detailed, sincere and heartfelt messages.

You have all made me so incredibly happy. It’s so comforting to know that some of you consider me a friend, even if we’ve never spoken to one another and actually care enough about me to leave such kind words. It just amazes me how many great people there are out there and I feel so fortunate to be able to connect to some of you and share my life with you. You are all amazing – thank you for being there for me and for giving me strength and motivation to do what I love.


19 thoughts on “A huge thank you..

  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my grandfather (who was my father figure) and I know how you must be feeling. I can assure you that it does get better with time but randomly, the strangest/smallest things may set you off. It's ok though. I know for me, for example, I could be driving and a random memory will pop into my head and I will just tear up and get emotional out of nowhere. It's comforting though because you know at that moment that he is there comforting you…


  2. Glad your back Natty! I finally after reading your review of the Hardcandy Glamoflaudge concealer bought some and tried it. Love it!I also bought the foundation as well. I like it alot too. I have told everyone about it! Like you my father passed away 3 years in January. I found comfort in remembering our favorite thing college football, and like him root for our favorite team and scream so loud I hope that he can hear me in heaven. Hugs to you!


  3. Because of your post I cried and told my dad how much he meant to me. I hugged him, and felt so incredibly grateful to be able to do so. He, and I are very very sorry for your loss, and I know your Daddy is watching over you from Heaven.


  4. Oh natty I am so sorry for you're lost. I couldn't help but to cry while I read you're post. I definitely know what you are feeling I lost both of my parents 9 years ago. They passed 3 months apart from each other and I know how horrible and lost you might feel. I was 16 at the time and my world totally changed upside down. They only advice I can give you is cry when u want to cry and don't hold it in. Make sure you go through the grieving process. I tried to go act like I was ok and didn't want to show weakness because everyone around me was going through a hard time and I didn't want to worry them and later it caught up to me. I wish the best and remember he is always with you. U keep him alive in you're soul.


  5. I think that's the great thing about blogging. People care to hear what you have to say and you actually meet a lot of nice people. You are one of them. You seem so sweet and kind that I think half the time, people will subscribe because you are beautiful not only inside but out. Keep your head up and that pretty smile on your face. Missed your posts and we're glad your back. Take time to heal.


  6. It's “weird” (but good weird), but I DO consider you as a friend even if we have never met.

    I lost my godmother, who was incredibly important to me, almost a year ago. What was so difficult is that she died while in Africa (she was Scottish) where she opened a business to create good jobs there, and her family didn't tell my parents and I that she had passed away until six months later. My parents learned it the day of my birthday, and they had to keep their grief for themselves for a few days because they were trying to protect me. During these six months, my parents initially thought that she was very busy with her business so she did not have the time to answer. And then they started to get worried. And the worst news ever came. It was just an awful situation for me because I went through a weird grieving process, I couldn't go to the funeral because it had already happened, I was very angry at her family in Scotland for not telling us, like it wasn't something important. I live in Dubai, so I couldn't easily just go to Scotland to get some kind of closure. It was very hard, but I got back on my feet eventually, but I won't ever forget her and I will always love her. She was such a wonderful person. She is often in my thoughts, even if it's still hard to think about her.

    It's a long story, I'm sorry, I just felt like sharing which is really rare when it comes to this.

    So take the time to grieve, cherish your family, be proud of what a great man your dad was, and be the great person that he brought you up to be. He will always be with you.

    It's good to have you back 🙂


  7. I`m a new reader and i didn`t know you/your blog until now. But although i am really really sorry for you. Honestly, i cannot imagine this feeling and i think i would feel into a deep big hole when something like that would happen:( I wish you so much strenght and everything best for your further life. Sorry for my bad english! I wish all the best.
    Lovely regards from Germany! You are amazing!


  8. I am really sorry, i can't imagine what you are going thru. It is for sure a hard time but it will be alright, just hang in there. My mom once told me when my grandma died, that a part of her felt lonely and died with her too, but you learn to live with it by remember the good and happy moments you shared together… Your father will always be with you, looking after you with ayes full of proudness because you are for sure a kind nice hearted woman. We will, and your love ones, be with you giving you strength.


  9. 🙂 This makes you even more of a real person, and I give you credit for even sharing this with us. Makes me even more eager to listen to what you have to say. Glad to have you back!


  10. So happy you are back sure it will help you through these tough days. You have a lot of people who care about you and are praying you find peace in your heart once again!


  11. So sorry to hear of your loss, Natty. Take all the time you need to grieve. As others have said, I am sure your Dad is watching down on you every minute. I bet he would want you to live life to the fullest, so go get 'em girl!


  12. I'm so sorry for your loss and will keep you and your family in my prayers. It's very nice to see you back in the blogger world, you were very missed during that time but I'm more than certain everyone of your readers understood why. Keep your head up hun. And I look forward to reading your great posts!

    <3 ShugaAndSpice


  13. You're the strongest person I “know” for sharing your story with all of us.
    You're so brave and I'll continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers! ♥


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