Oldie but Goodie: Dior Five Golds 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette + Swatches!

Dior Five Golds 5-Colour Eyeshadow

I typically don’t like posting about products that are limited edition from old collections or that are discontinued, but I had to make an exception for Dior’s Five Golds Quint. I got a hold of this beauty in a blog sale for a fraction of the price, and I’m loving it!

Five Golds was one of the two, 5-Colour Eyeshadow palettes available last winter from Dior’s 2010 Holiday Collection. Five Golds includes a charcoal black with silver sparkles (reminiscent of MAC Black Tied); metallic copper-gold; metallic medium-toned bronzed brown; metallic silver and a pale, shimmery golden ivory.


I was automatically drawn to the palette ever since it launched because I’m a big fan of warm and neutral palettes, as well as palettes that contain all of the shades necessary to create a daytime and nighttime look. Why didn’t I purchase it then?? Who knows. I’m a bit of a procrastinator, and I’m still kicking myself for not getting a hold of the Summer 2011 Dior’s Aurora Bronzer and literally punching myself for not getting Chanel’s Topkapi Palette. Someone please tell me they aren’t all that so I won’t feel so bad. haha! The colors in this palette can all be used at once (without looking over-the-top), with no additional shadows needed. I rarely come across a Dior palette with 5 shades to my liking, so I’m really happy with this particular palette.
Dior Five Golds
As far as texture goes, all of the shades are very smooth and blend easily. The pigmentation is excellent for all shades, with the exception of the lightest golden ivory shade. It’s very sheer and applies almost like a shimmery pigment, that when blended, all that’s left behind is a scatter of sparkles. It applies much better when packed over a base, otherwise, it looks nice on the inner corners or all over the lid for a little bit of shimmer.
Although the shadows perform well without a base, using a base will keep the colors from fading or disappearing throughout the day (especially if you have oily skin). I like using MAC Paint Pots. I’d probably use Indianwood or Bare Study. 
Dior Five Golds
All shades swatched over freshly moisturized skin. 
Is this palette a must-have?
Not entirely – It’s definitely a palette worth giving a chance if you happen to spot one on any blog sales or makeup swaps. None of the shades are that unique, and are easily dupe-able with other brands. But, it’s the convenience of having all of the shades you need in one very practical, compact palette. Also, the Dior quality is definitely there. Dior palettes are sometimes a hit or miss, but this palette doesn’t contain any chalky or powdery shades. I’m very happy with this palette and I’m certain it will be one of my go-to palettes for every day.
What’s your favorite quint? I’ve had Earth Reflection on my “to-buy in the near future” list for ages now. I’ve spotted it in several blog sales, and every single time I’ve messaged the seller to purchase it, the sale always fell through. Nuts! Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

16 thoughts on “Oldie but Goodie: Dior Five Golds 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette + Swatches!

  1. omg i totally feel you!!! im seriously beating myself up cuz i didn't get aurora or topkapi T_T im still trying to hunt them down but iunno that im willing to pay so much over retail 😦 the quint looks very pigmented. i'm pretty impressed since most dior quints have been a miss for me :/


  2. I think you're right, not the most unique colors I've seen, but they look so pigmented! I've always wanted to give Dior eyeshadows a try, I like their line. Thanks Natty 🙂


  3. I have Earth Reflection..my Nana bought it last year for my Christmas present and I love it!!! I have light brown eyes and def my fav eyeshadow quint. I also have Petal Shine I think it's calls and ReadyToGlow. They are so addicting! I'm tempted to now get this one :/


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