Did you sign up for Shoemint?

If many of you are on top of the newest launches, I’m sure you’ve already heard of Shoemint. But for those of you that haven’t, I thought I’d quickly share, because I’m so excited about it!

Since Shoedazzle (were they the first ones?), there have been so many companies (celebrity collaborated) following the popular trend of a “monthly subscription” service, that’s not for a magazine, but a pair of shoes, a box of beauty samples, fashion jewelry, clothing and more. What’s more fun than that?
If you’re familiar with the mint companies, JewelmintStylemint and Beautymint are existing monthly subscription services; Jewelmint, offering unique designs of fashion jewelry, Stylemint, offering high quality casual t-shirts and Beautymint, offering a skincare system. All of which are personalized to fit your individual wants and needs. 
Shoemint is the newest mint, and launched on Black Friday. 
The style of fashion icon Rachel Bilson, the vision of celebrated stylist Nicole Chavez, and the shoe-making expertise of the legendary Steve Madden, combine to bring you ShoeMint – a shoe shopping experience unlike any other.
Step into the impeccable style and craftsmanship of an inspired luxury shoe you could pay hundreds of dollars for –without having to.

It works the same as the other sites, and starts out with taking a “style quiz”, which is a quick, multiple-choice quiz to learn your personal style. Based on your answers, the website will generate a “showroom” for you of the things that should suit your taste. You won’t be charged to join, and take the style quiz. You will only be charged after your first purchase. Each month, your selection changes, and you have the choice whether to “skip” the month and not purchase anything, or you will be charged the monthly fee and your account will receive credit for one purchase. Not too complicated right? I swear it’s less complicated than it sounds.

The monthly price for Shoemint is $79.98. It sounds expensive, but the shoes are real quality leather, suede and stitching and entail trendy, high-end designs. Similar style shoes will retail for at least double the price. And, with all of the mint sites, there are always coupon codes. (For ref, I’ll never make a purchase from any of the sites without a good coupon code.)


I’m in love with all of the shoes. Sadly, I waited too long and my size is out of stock in all of the styles I wanted, so I’ll have to wait until they restock more sizes. 😦 I love the Pauline (black), Jolly (leopard) and Editch (blush).

I can’t wait to see the reviews that are going to pop up within the next few weeks once everyone starts receiving their shoes!



Do you know any other discount codes? Post them in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Did you sign up for Shoemint?

  1. AHH!! I have tons of Steve Madden heels that this is a dream come true!! I've always wanted the Lady Daf Louboutins and Steve makes some almost exactly like them but no red sole. That's why I'm eying the Edith ones for sure. The pauline's are cute too. 🙂
    I will def have a review when I get them.


  2. I like the styles so far. They are more pricey than the other shoe clubs, but the use of real leather and suede is going to cost them more (hope PETA doesn't get wind of them). I hope they stick around for a while. Or my idea for my first blog , http://www.shoemintreview.com , will have been a bad one.

    Natty, do you have any tips for a new blogger? Your site looks great and you are very popular. Please tell me your secrets 🙂


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