I heart Betsey Johnson Accessories.

Betsey Johnson has been one of my favorite brands for accessories, ever since I was introduced to the brand back in 2006, while working at a higher-end department store.

Her style is very brash, over-the-top and definitely one-of-a-kind. I love the bows, hearts, flowers, leopard print, poofs, peplums, sequins, glitter and more!

One thing I love about Betsey Johnson is that it’s a brand that’s widely available, and can be found at many of my local discounted stores, such as Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, TJMaxx, Loehman’s, etc, for a fraction of the retail price. I always love raiding the racks for hot pink tags. 😉

Here are a couple cold weather accessories I picked up this Winter..


Betsey Johnson Embroidered Leopard w/ Chain Fingerless Gloves
I found these at my local TJMaxx, along with the matching scarf. I only purchased the gloves, as I thought they would add a little pop of color against my solid black winter coat. I believe this style was from last year – Betsey Johnson came out with them again this year, only omiting the chain detailing.

The gloves are really roomy, with my only complaint being that the chain doesn’t stretch, so it restrains the fingers from stretching apart, thus feeling slightly uncomfortable. I bet that’s why they were taken out this year. 😉

The chain-less version can be found on the Betsey Johnson website, here.
The chain version can be found on Zappos, here.

Betsey Johnson Fluffy Fur Long Gloves
I was automatically drawn to these gloves at the Betsey Johnson store. They are cute, feminine and flashy, without being very over-the-top. They look great paired with a black faux fur scarf and any jacket, whether it’s a leather jacket, pea-coat or winter jacket.

The only downside with these gloves is that the bows aren’t sewed on quite well. I haven’t even worn mine yet and half of the bow fell off on one of the gloves. It’s an easy fix with a needle and string, but an inconvenience as they should be well constructed for the price ($48).

They are currently sold out on the website, but keep checking back if you’re interested in them!

Shown on Polyvore, here.

You may of been lucky enough to snag some good deals during The Black Friday 40% off sale, but if you missed it, you can still save 20% off the site (new customers) until 12/31 with the code: WELCOME1.

14 thoughts on “I heart Betsey Johnson Accessories.

  1. Betsey Johnson is definitely a one of a kind designer. I love that you can find tons of different styles whether it be bows and lace or monkey's on chains and it all look super cute and trendy still. She herself is very unique and has a fun, happy style. It shines through in her pieces.


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