Jewelmint Easy Rider Necklace Review!

jewelmint easy rider necklace review

Jewelmint Easy Rider Necklace

My December Jewelmint item arrived in the mail today. I had my heart set on getting the Vanguard Necklace, but it literally sold out before my eyes. So, I went with my next choice, which is (somewhat-kinda-not really) similar; the Easy Rider Necklace.

The Easy Rider Necklace features a 36″ gold curb chain with gold tubing and silver faux barbed wire castings. This is another item that has an edgy feel, yet feminine because it is so long and dainty. I find it looks best when paired with lightweight tops, such as a flowy chiffon or silk blouse or with a blazer. It also goes very well with a gold statement ring (such as the Everfrost ring) or watch. It can be worn at the full length, or it can be doubled with one chain laying directly around the neck, and the other one laying right above the chest. For my personal preference, I like it at it’s full length, as doubling it can feel uncomfortable on the neck.

Jewelmint Easy Rider Necklace Review

The necklace itself is extremely light-weight and delicate. A little lighter than I anticipated it being. Also, because it has a shiny finish, the tubes are prone to getting fingerprints if you handle it a lot. A quick wipe with a jewelry cloth or towel will take away any prints.

Jewelmint Easy Rider Necklace

Overall, I’m very happy with it and I’m sure I will wear it often as I love mixing silver and gold. I still plan on getting the Vanguard Necklace though, I hope they re-stock it soon! 🙂

Jewelmint Easy Rider Necklace

Did you get anything this month?
Jewelmint Vanguard Necklace
Jewelmint Vanguard Necklace (Credit)
For reference, this is the vanguard necklace I keep referring to, which is currently sold out.
Check out Jewelmint HERE.

14 thoughts on “Jewelmint Easy Rider Necklace Review!

  1. Do you have the Jewelmint app on your Facebook? I find you can buy a lot of jewelry that is supposedly “sold out” on the website or see stuff from past months or those that arent in your showroom. Best of luck! I love your blog!


  2. Ooo I love your pics. I got the Vanguard Necklace in my wondermint bag and I don't think it really suits me. If you're still interested in acquiring it maybe we can come up with a deal?


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