Loving my ROSS Jewelry Stand!

Cute, isn’t it? I got this little jewelry stand at Ross for $5.99. I really like mannequin jewelry stands, but most of them aren’t very sturdy; especially when heavy necklaces are placed on the hooks. Because this stand has a large base, it’s very sturdy and won’t knock down every time you try taking a necklace off. I like the fact that it can hold necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. I’ll be using it to hold my “GO-TO” items.

It seems that they are opening Ross stores everywhere. I’ve heard of Ross from other bloggers, but never had any locations near me. My first time in the store, was a couple of days ago. They have some pretty good deals!

You may have spotted my Jewelmint Easy Rider Necklace on the left.. 😉 I received it in the mail today. I’ll have a review for it shortly!

Hope you’re having an awesome Thursday! One more day and TGIF!

22 thoughts on “Loving my ROSS Jewelry Stand!

  1. I love this! I made sure to point out this kind of jewelry stand to my husband when we were out gift shopping for family. I've got the huge jewelmint collection now, like you 😛


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