The Natural Pink Blushes in my Current Rotation!

Aside from foundation, blush is my most favored item of makeup. Blush instantly adds liveliness to the face, while sculpting the cheeks. I love all shades of blush, from peach, orange, pink and red. In the summer time, you can bet I’m sporting bronzer and warm-toned red and coral blushes, but in the winter, I usually wear colors that are much more natural.

For the past couple of months I’ve for the most part skipped out on self tanning and bronzer, and gone the natural-pink route for my cheeks. I’ve found myself picking up the same shades over and over again (thus calling it a rotation).


Described on the MAC website as a beige-pink (sheertone), Blushbaby is a sheer, natural warm pink that mimics the rosy hue your cheeks naturally turn. It works on a wide variety of skintones, thus becoming one of MAC’s most popular blushes. It’s one of my no-brainer blushes that goes well with any eye makeup and lip color.
Desdcribed on the MAC website as a soft, muted pink (satin), Cubic is a super-sheer natural pink that leans slightly warm-neutral. This blush could be Blushbaby’s younger sister, as they are very similar. I find that Cubic is much less intense (not to say Blushbaby is intense, but it does pack a little more color). If you want a no-blush blush, or a shade that will go with everything, including a smokey eye or just a soft, sophisticated blush, you may want to give Cubic a try.

Described as a sheer, rosy-beige with multi-dimensional shimmer on the MAC website, Honey Rose is just that. I like to think of Honey Rose more of a highlight than a blush, but it does add a little color to the cheeks. On my natural days when I want my complexion to look extra healthy and glowy, I stipple some Honey Rose on my apples. It adds a nice glow, and a very natural wash of warm, pink that’s definitely there, but very soft and almost undetectable.

Natural is the pinkest blush out of the bunch, but because of it’s warm tone, it looks very natural on my cheeks – as opposed to a bright, barbie or cotton candy pink. I love, love, love this blush and wear it on most days where I want a blush that is natural, but still packs a little extra punch. My favorite drugstore blush, for sure.

Rose Bronze is a gorgeous neutral-pink with a hint of warmth and pink shimmer. Applied heavily the color is much more of a vibrant rosy pink, but when worn lightly, it looks extremely natural. This is another favorite.. I don’t believe it could look bad on anyone.

Described as a warm, soft-focus seashell pink on the NARS website, Madly is a bronzed, warm pink. It’s one of those blushes where you don’t need an additional bronzer, and instantly sculpts the face when applied along the cheeks. I love wearing this blush on days where I want a little bronzer and a hint of natural blush – Madly infuses the two together.

What blushes are in your current rotation?

34 thoughts on “The Natural Pink Blushes in my Current Rotation!

  1. Cubic has been in my recent rotation too. I love it! I'm happy to see the Chanel Rose Bronze pictured here as well. I have wanted this color for awhile and may be picking it up tomorrow while out!


  2. hey girl! amazing blushes 🙂 I really like chanel rose bronze , looks amazing ..
    My favourite of the momoent is Mac Dollymix. cannot get enough! Check it out, you will love it too I am sure 🙂


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