Guest Post: 5 Things About Wrinkles You Might Not Have Known.


A few wrinkles here and there might add a bit of character, but let’s face it, you probably hate wrinkles as much as we do. They just don’t do anything but make you look older, more tired, and even angry. Are you faithfully taking care of your skin but still notice lines and creases developing anyway?

Here are some things that you may not have known about wrinkles, and what to do about them:

1) You can make wrinkles worse even while you sleep.
Front sleepers, listen up! You need to start sleeping on your back, ladies, because if you continue to sleep on your front with your face on the pillow, those creases on your face you see when you first wake up are going to eventually become permanent. Yikes! When you’re young, your skin is able to bounce back from creasing and pressure, but as your skin weakens with age, it can’t repair itself as quickly. As a result, any repeated creasing and indentation will leave a permanent mark.

2) In fact, that’s how frown and smile lines develop.
These types of wrinkles, known as dynamic, are caused entirely by the repeated movements of your muscles, which create creases in the overlying skin. These become permanent over time. Relaxing the muscle naturally or with Botox is how you can address these types of wrinkles. While we don’t recommend you stop laughing or frowning just so you can prevent dynamic wrinkles from developing, you can stop squinting (e.g. wear sunglasses) and performing other unnecessary facial movements.

3) The sun is your worst enemy.
There’s nothing worse for your skin than leaving it unprotected against the sun’s UV rays. UV destroys collagen and elastin, as well as robs the skin of moisture. These three factors contribute to the formation of lines, creases, saggy skin and, of course, wrinkles. Sunworshippers beware: even if you don’t see any lines on your face right now, you are guaranteed to develop them faster than if you stopped tanning right now. The problem is that sun damage is cumulative, so you’ll notice it in the long run. Nix the visits to the tanning salon, too. Your safest bet if you can’t stand a pale and washed out complexion is bronzer.

And if you’re worried about getting enough vitamin D, you can get it through the food you eat. Examples of vitamin D-packed foods include milk, salmon, and tuna.

4) Cutting down on how much fat you eat can actually cause wrinkles.
In your effort to trim down by eating less fat, you may actually be contributing to wrinkles. Not all fat is bad – some, such as the essential fatty acids found in salmon, avocado, nuts, olive oil, and flax, are vital in maintaining a smooth complexion by nourishing the skin and helping by keeping it hydrated from within.

Our bodies require the storage of fat as a source of energy when times are tough. While we all know that popular storage areas include the stomach and thighs, did you know that fat pads are also located in our face? These pockets of fat contribute to the overall contour, and eliminating these will only make us look gaunt and older. So remember, don’t starve yourself! You need a healthy amount of fat in your diet to keep wrinkles at bay!

5) You can’t just drink water alone to keep your skin smooth.
Keeping well hydrated does make your skin more supple, but if you’re not eating other beneficial foods, it won’t do a thing for your skin. Eat a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein for the best effect.

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