CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Corrector Review + BEFORE & AFTER Pics!

CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Corrector 


Covergirl’s Simply Ageless Concealer formula covers imperfections, conceals under-eye circles and visibly brightens skin. Like all Simply Ageless makeup, it’s made with advanced Olay Regenerist Serum, and it stays suspended over fine lines and wrinkles, for younger, firmer-looking skin.

  • Transforms from solid to liquid on contact with skin, for smooth application
  • Easy to apply with finger to target problem areas
  • Brightens skin under eyes for a more wide-awake look

For someone with dark (hereditary) under eye darkness, finding a product that is targeted as a “corrector” at the drugstore sounded very inviting, especially since I’m about three uses close to finishing my Bobbi Brown Corrector. Now, although I do love my Bobbi Brown, it is incredibly expensive with daily use. At $22 per 1.4g of product, the 9g jar of Olay is much more affordable and half the price; $11. Plus, there are always P&G coupons in the paper for Covergirl for extra savings.

The difference between a corrector and concealer? 
The difference is quite simple. A concealer is used to cover up or conceal any blemishes/imperfections, as well as under eye circles, redness, etc. It will usually pack more coverage than your typical foundation, so by the time you apply your foundation, all of your imperfections will be hidden. Of you can use a concealer without using foundation if you can find a good match for your skintone.

A corrector typically won’t match your skintone. It is used to correct a color problem. It will contain a higher amount of color pigments to neutralize the color you’re trying to conceal. Look at the color wheel for reference. The color directly across from the color you want to conceal is going to be the neutralizer.

yellow neutralizes purple
green neutralizes red
orange neutralizes blue
Pink brightens, as well as neutralizing yellow-green (olive) and gray.

So, if your under eye darkness is more on the blue side, a peach or salmon colored concealer will work well for you. For darkness that is more on the purple side, a yellow toned concealer will work well for you. I always like using concealer with a tinge of pink, as it always makes my under-eyes look brighter.

For those with very dark circles, a corrector applied before your concealer may be what you need for the fullest coverage. A corrector can be used alone, but depending on your specific needs, an additional concealer may be necessary, as it will provide coverage.

WHEW! I hope that all made sense.

The CG Olay corrector is only available in one shade, which makes me a little bummed out. It’s a pale yellow, which works well for the under-eyes, but it may not suit everyone. For those with very fair skin, you may find this too dark. For medium-dark to dark skin, you may find this too light. I wish they’d add two more colors to the line, one being pink toned and another being peach. I think it would make the product a hit.

covergirl and olay corrector swatch

cover girl and olay simply ageless corrector swatches
For comparison, here it is swatched next to Bobbi Brown Corrector in the shade Light Peach.

The consistency is fab, everything you’d want a corrector to be. It’s very smooth and creamy (not sticky like BB – almost slippery?), applies to the skin in a thin (without being cakey) layer so you can apply a concealer over top (if necessary) with ease. I find that this product works the best when applied with the finger tips in a thin layer.

I find that it covers quite good. Many days I don’t find the need for an additional concealer, but on days where I want pure opaqueness, I’ll add a touch of concealer on top. I do recommend using a concealer with this product because it will fade a little by the end of the day when used solo.

In the following photos, only my left eye is concealed in order to show the difference.
covergirl and olay corrector before and after

In the following photos, both of my eyes are done.
covergirl and olay corrector before and after

I achieved this by applying a thin layer of Covergirl & Olay Corrector, then applying a layer of Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer in Light. With whatever foundation residue was left on my brush from my face, I patted it lightly under my eyes to blend the concealer with my foundation. I finished off with a dusting of Guerlain Meteorites (setting powder).

PROS: Dreamy consistency, blends easily, isn’t sticky, thick/heavy or cakey, applies in thin layers, conceals well, brightens.
CONS: One color!? Come on. Too dark for fair skin, and too light for medium-dark to dark skin. Also lasting power could be better.
PACKAGING: A little large and bulky, but I’m not complaining because it’s a lot of product! It’s lightweight and travel friendly.
OVERALL: I really like this product and if you are in the light, light-medium and medium skin range, you may find this product very beneficial. I don’t want to scare those of you with fair skin away though, because it’s a corrector, even if it’s darker than your skin, it can still work for you. Most of it boils down to preference. I personally prefer a corrector to be lighter than my skin. It does seem rather expensive for a drugstore product, but I can see one jar lasting a very long time. 

25 thoughts on “CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Corrector Review + BEFORE & AFTER Pics!

  1. Also I wanted to add… I use Benefits Boi-ing Number 3 (deep) and it really is a little of a corrector/concealer in one. You may want to try that one. Cost: 19.00 3.0g


  2. I just learned something new… after having hereditary dark circles NOW I'm only learning that I need to use a corrector before a concealer! LOL! THANK YOU, no wonder piling different concealers on top of each other hasn't worked out for me. I will try this out!


  3. I just bought this and I love it! 🙂 I use it as both an undereye concealer and a normal concealer because I matches my skintone well. Thinking of buying a backup because of how good it is. 🙂

    PS. I'm so jealous of your eyes! So pretty and it kindda reminds me of Megan Fox's


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