Maya Water Organic White Tea Facial Mist

MayaWater Organic White Tea Facial Mist consists of Norwegian thermal spa water along with organic white tea, which contains fabulous anti-oxidants for the skin, prevents and repairs sun damage, and also helps fight wrinkles and skin discoloration.

MayaWater Facial Mist is naturally pH neutral, odor-free, and suitable for all skin types. It’s specially designed nozzle is made to produce the finest mist available which allows the skin to absorb the water immediately.

In addition, the Norwegian Spring used for MayaWater Facial Mist has been studied, tested and approved for use by hydrologists, owing to its extremely low mineral content and stable temperature throughout the year.

The fine spray allows the skin to absorb the water immediately, helping to nourish, cleanse and apply moisture on bare skin, or over your make up.

This product may sound familiar to you, as there are similar products on the market. For example, MAC Fix+ Spray ($20/100ml), which also contains green tea, cucumber and other refreshing vitamins & minerals and there is also Evian Mineral Water Spray ($11/148ml) which is purely mineral water propelled by nitogen, acting as a “refresher”.


While Maya Water is a little bit on the pricey side ($29/150ml), it really is a great product that I enjoy using.

Aqua 150g, Nitrogen 5g, Organic White Tea 0,3g
Active Ingredients mg/litre
Potassium 0.23, Calcium 8.6, Magnesium 0.78, Sodium 0.97, Sulphates 3.8, Chloride 0.33, Fluoride <0.1, pH 7.6, Aluminum <10.

Maya Water Facial Mist has become part of my daily routine because of it’s convenience and the wonderful refreshing feeling it gives my face once applied.

I use it whenever my skin is dry, looks dull or needs refreshing. I often use it in the morning shortly after waking up, before I apply my day moisturizer. The extra fine mist doesn’t shoot in your face like some sprays I’ve used, not being even distributed and leaving the face feeling damp; the mist is super fine, distributes across the face well without applying too much. Right away, my skin feels cool and re-freshed, the same way my face would feel after washing my face, but with a longer cooling feeling that will linger a while after. Also, it doesn’t “sit” on my face. It absorbs quickly.

When I’m applying my makeup on the go, this stuff is great. Instead of using a moisturizer, I will spray this on my face, apply my foundation & setting powder, and once I’m done, give my face another quick spray. It doesn’t disturb my makeup, and it will calm down any dullness created by my powder.

I also like to use it mid-day when touching up my make-up, especially if I’ve been running errands for hours and my face feels “icky”. It gives me a quick boost and my face will feel great again.

Although I really do love MAC Fix+, I reach for Maya much more because Fix+ has a heavier mist that I fear will shoot me in the eye every time I use it. Haha! It also feels slightly heavier on the skin.

If you’ve heard of Maya Facial Mist prior and have debated whether to purchase it or not, I think it’s a product you’ll be happily satisfied with.

For a list of web-shops, click here.

If you’ve tried other similar products, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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