Jewelmint Lunar Blue Necklace Review!

jewelmint lunar blue necklace review

Jewelmint Lunar Blue Necklace

Yep, you guessed it, more Jewelmint. Earlier this month I posted about the Easy Rider Necklace and the Silver Swan Bracelet. Both pieces I love to death, and when I realized that there are pieces made that won’t be re-made, I quickly ordered the Lunar Blue Necklace. Lucky I did, because the following day it was sold out.

Actually, just about every item in my showroom is sold out, which I’ve never seen before! Maybe many people are purchasing Jewelmint for the holidays?

I’m so happy I did get the Lunar Blue Necklace, because it’s probably my favorite item I own from Jewelmint.

The Lunar Blue Necklace features a 19″ silver curb chain with a silver square pendant and a gold square accent atop. In the middle lies a sky blue, oval stone. From the bottom of the pendant, there is a row of small dangling chains. It’s an unusual piece, but very pretty. The silver is oxidized, so it has more of a matte finish. It has a slight worn look to it, but still shines very nicely. The gold detail has a standard shiny finish, so the different finish and contrasting metals compliment each other very well. The pale blue “stone” isn’t really a gemstone, but plastic. When it first launched, I know the fact that it was plastic was disappointing to some, but because I already knew, I wasn’t disappointed. To me, this is a really stand-out necklace and looks very high-end.

jewelmint lunar blue necklace review

The necklace and pendant have some weight to it, and feels like it’s very good quality.

jewelmint lunar blue necklace

Jewelmint Lunar Blue Necklace

I was really pleased that the necklace has a chain extender. At the standard length, it hits me in the middle of my chestbone, and fully extended, the dangling chains sit right in between my chest. Both ways look very nice.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with this necklace and I’m so happy I got it when I did. I’m not sure if it will be re-released, as some items do come back, and some don’t. This particular necklace has been around for a while, but if you’re curious, it might be worthwhile to contact Jewelmint’s Customer Service.

If you’d like to join Jewelmint, I found a few codes that should currently work. The best one I found for New Members is 55% off your first item, making the total $13.49 with free shipping.


I couldn’t find anything good for existing customers. The only thing I found valid was 10% any one item, which is only $3 savings. The code for that is: WLYOURS10.

If you know of any other codes, please let me know in the comments!

Check out Jewelmint HERE.

13 thoughts on “Jewelmint Lunar Blue Necklace Review!

  1. Girlie Blogger – I know! It has become hugely popular. I'm not crazy about my selection every month, but sometimes I get lucky and find a couple things I really, really like. Jewelmint was definitely something I was lured into by other beauty and fashion bloggers. haha


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