Review: Shoemint Pauline Booties in Black!

Shoemint Pauline (Black)

Elevate your Fall/Winter wardrobe with our leg-lengthening suede platform bootie. Named after Nicole’s (Nicole Chavez, stylist for Shoemint) grandmother, Pauline, the gold corset detail and matching cord offer a vintage touch to this avant-garde, sculpted silhouette.

* Available in wine, or black kid suede
* 2″ platform and 6″ wedge heel
* Side zip
* Lace detailing with gold hardware on the back
* Available in sizes 5-11 (the sizing runs small; ­ recommended to order a half size up)
* $79.98 (1 credit on Shoemint)


From the start, I was really excited about Shoemint. Yes, the price may not be affordable for everyone, but I know the Mint companies offer discount codes and “specials” very often. Even though Shoemint is a membership site, it is commitment free because you won’t get charged if you choose to “skip” the month. What that simply means is, for whatever reason if you don’t want your account charged the $79.98 monthly fee, you can click the button “skip” in your option bar and they will skip charging you for the month. Even after skipping, you can still make a purchase. It doesn’t change a thing. You can make your first purchase and skip every month thereafter, or cancel your account at any time.

Personally, I probably wouldn’t have signed up for Shoemint if you couldn’t skip, and I’m sure many others would be the same way. Luckily I snagged an awesome code during their initial launch. (Refer 40+ friends and pay $1 for your first pair, Refer 10+ friends and get $40 off your first pair, Refer 2+ friends and get $25 off your first pair.)

Onto the actual shoes. I really wanted the Edith (blush) and still do, but I chose the pair that I figured I could get the most use out of – The Pauline Booties in black.

I was also concerned with the sizing, because I have pretty difficult feet. I have wide feet and long toes (can’t get any sexier than that) so when I saw that the shoes run small, I was a little nervous about picking the correct size. I am a very true 8.5. Very rarely an 8, never a 9. So, I did what the instructions said, and ordered a half size up; a 9.

I have to say the fit is perfect. They are surprisingly comfortable and I didn’t have trouble walking in them. I’ve read many reviews where some mentioned that walking in them is a little awkward, and that’s mostly because of the small sole and high platform. The sole is around 2/3 shorter than it would be with a regular heel, so it’s not as stable. If you’re not use to walking in platforms, it may take a little practice. If you’re a regular heel wearer, you won’t have any problems.

I love them and I love the fact that they make me so tall! I’m only 5′ 2.5″ and I was eye level with George, who is 5′ 11″ when I was wearing these. I think I’ll be pairing them with wide leg jeans to disguise the huge platform, so everyone could just think I’m naturally that tall 😉 haha!

He wasn’t too fond of the style, though. He thought they looked like elf shoes. How typical.

Lastly, the craftsmanship. Shoemint likes to put emphasis on “quality” for a more affordable price. I do agree that the quality is comparable to shoes priced at double. You can tell from handling them and putting them on that they aren’t $20 or $30 shoes. I didn’t have any flaws with mine, but I have read reviews where some found flaws (glue, scuffs, etc). In those instances, you’d be able to return them (free) for a new pair.

You can join Shoemint for free, and your membership will only start once you make your first purchase.

If you use the code: SHOE20, you can receive 20% off your first order. Also, be notified of new launches and discounts on their Facebook page. (no affiliation)

Check out Shoemint HERE

19 thoughts on “Review: Shoemint Pauline Booties in Black!

  1. My advice: don't get the Edith!!!! I ordered them, in the blush color, cute but…. So so so shitty!!! The color is terrible, it's more of a vomit pink and they look worn out and definitely are not real leather or suede as they claim. I think they are adorable, but toweringly high and not worth 80 bucks. I've seen better quality in forever 21 as I call “throw away” heels. I'm actually in the process of returning mine right now, plus the 10 restocking fee is a bummer :/ If you're a size 7 I live in Cali and you can have them hahahaha


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