Review: Diorskin Nude Fresh Glow Hydrating Makeup Foundation

 Diorskin Nude Fresh Glow Hydrating Makeup Foundation


Containing nearly 40% Active Mineralized water, this fluid foundation offers a fresh and hydrating finish. Your complexion appears smooth, silky and feels more comfortable due to micronized water droplets. This formula offers lightweight coverage, while it evens out the complexion and helps it appear more radiant and transparent.

With daily use, the skin texture improves for a long-lasting natural glow.

*Clinically proven to improve skin quality +27% after 4 weeks (Clinical study carried out by a dermatologist on 30 women: assessment before application and on bare skin after 4 weeks of daily use)

Dior currently has a selection six liquid foundations (including the airbrush spray foundation), with Diorskin Nude (Fluid) being the most popular.

I’ve been bored with my foundations lately, and Diorskin Nude peaked my interest as I noticed that it – or was, a favorite among many beauty bloggers. So, I decided to pick it up during Sephora’s VIB sale.

The numbering system with this foundation is as follows:
yellow undertones = ends in 1
pink undertones = ends in 2
neutral undertones = ends in 0
peach undertones = ends in 3

Knowing that, helped me figure out my foundation shade a little easier. I know that I need a yellow based foundation, so my choices were 021, 031 or 051. So there’s basically a light skin match, medium and dark with not much in between – for yellow undertones, that is. The lightest yellow shade (021) actually isn’t that light. I’d say it’s around a NC20 in the MAC coloring system, not far from a NC25.


So, I chose 021, and it’s a really good match for me right now. I haven’t used self tanner in a few months, so it’s actually slightly dark – since I’m probably only around a MAC NC15 right now, but it looks good once I blend the color down my neck.

Here’s a quick swatch and comparison to another foundation in the same coloring range (with less yellow). Diorskin Nude in 021 Linen is swatched on the left and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B20 Tendre on the right in both photos.
I’ve applied this foundation a few different ways. I’ve used my fingers, a flat-top brush, as well as a standard foundation brush, and I like all methods. On most days I’ll use my flat top foundation brush because it applies my makeup in the shortest time, but I like using my fingers as well – especially on areas where I’d like to build the coverage. I’ve also read that it works wonderfully applied with a damp beautyblender sponge (or similar)
The coverage is light to a light-medium. It evens out my skintone and calms down any redness, as well as lightly camouflaging my blemishes. It doesn’t conceal them 100%, so a spot concealer would be handy. It takes around a minute or so to set, and it’s then when I really notice how great it makes my skin look. The result is so natural, that it just looks like very healthy, good skin that glows. The finish is a satin – not quite matte, but not dewy. I rarely have to set with a powder, or moisturize prior. I can apply it quickly, and literally be out the door.
I have to say it holds up incredibly well throughout the day. It will fade slightly on the tip of my nose, but I barely ever get oily – which is a really wonderful thing to say about a foundation that I don’t need to set with a powder. It also feels light on my face all day.

The foundation blended on the back of my hand.

PROS: Lightweight, has a natural finish, adds luminosity to the skin, doesn’t make my skin oily or dry it out, wears well throughout the day.
CONS: The color selection is good, but could be better. I would have liked a shade lighter, but there was no other option for my coloring unless I chose a neutral foundation (which usually makes me look gray). Also, because the foundation is so light and layers incredibly well (it will never look cakey), I end up using more product at once than I’d really like – so, I’m sure with daily use I’d be done with the bottle in a shorter time than I would with some of my heavier foundations.
PACKAGING: I love the packaging, and the pump works very well at dispensing however much product you need at once. Glass bottles are always a bit heavy, so it may weigh down your bag a little bit, but it is nevertheless a pretty bottle.  
OVERALL: I really like this foundation and would recommend it to those with relatively good/decent skin that would like to even out their complexion and cover up minor blemishes and discoloration. For those who need a medium to full coverage, you may want to skip this. I think it’s beneficial for all skin types, from dry to oily skin. For those with very dry skin, I’d recommend applying the foundation with a damp sponge or brush, as this foundation dries fairly quick upon application. It’s a great foundation for daily use, and because of it’s beautiful, skin-like finish, it would make a great foundation for events, holidays and shoots. It has an SPF of 10, so for the daytime, an extra SPF may be necessary for added sun protection. The plus side with a low SPF is that it will photograph well without a white glare.

You can find this foundation at your local Sephora or Department store. It retails for $46 per 1 oz.

Have you used this foundation? What’d you think?

20 thoughts on “Review: Diorskin Nude Fresh Glow Hydrating Makeup Foundation

  1. Hi, Natalie! This question has nothing to do with this post 🙂 but I've been dying to know what that pretty pink lipstick you're wearing in your profile pic is? Thanks!


  2. Coralista – That's tough! I prefer the texture of Dior, as it's a little more creamy. Chanel Vita has that strange mousse-water texture. The finish is actually very similar though, as well as the coverage. I think I love both equally.. because I'm sitting here thinking and can't decide!

    Girlie Blogger – I know, it is really expensive. Crazilly enough, when I saw it was $46 I was like WOW! Thats cheap! Because I'm use to paying $56 for my favorite Guerlain foundation and $55 for Chanel. Now when I see a foundation in the $25-$35 I think it's a steal. Then I have to remind myself that even $25 is expensive!

    Phoebe – Great to know. I've tried Forever Extreme (I think that's what it's called) and I thought it was just mediocre. I am interested in Airflash, but I feel like I'd use up the whole bottle in a week. lol

    Silvia – They definitely are!

    Anonymous – Hi! It's a combination of Wet 'n' Wild 511B Nouveau Pink (it's only 99 cents!) and NYX Doll Pink Lip Gloss.


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