If you want the Shoemint Jolly’s, Check out your local Marshall’s for the Steve Madden Tanngoo’s!

Steve Madden Tanngoo

If you’re already a member of Shoemint, then you’re probably already familiar with the three styles released late November. It’s been talked about that two of the three styles (Edith and Jolly) have a striking resemblance to a couple of Steve Madden’s current designs. Can’t say it’s a total shocker, considering Steve Madden is the manufacturer of the brand.

I was eyeballing the taupe colored wedge booties for a while, but never ended up getting them because I’ve seen similar styles in other brands. I’m glad I didn’t because I spotted the Steve Madden Tanngoo’s at my local Marshall’s on Clearance for $40 (regular price $49.99).

What’s the difference? The only difference I could spot, are the loop holes for the shoe strings. I actually prefer the Steve Madden’s, so total score! 
For reference, I found that these run true to size. I’m an 8.5 and the 8.5 fits perfect, even with a pair of trouser socks. I’ve read some reviews that the Jolly’s fit pretty true as well, despite Shoemint’s recommendation of going a half size up.

If you’re interested in these, definitely check out your local TJMaxx or Marshall’s stores! Most winter boots have been marked down.

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! Any plans for New Year’s?

27 thoughts on “If you want the Shoemint Jolly’s, Check out your local Marshall’s for the Steve Madden Tanngoo’s!

  1. Bethany, I definitely agree they have a “cleaner” look to them as they have less going on.. and I'm not crazy about the loop either. I'm not really sure why it's even there. Is it to help you put the shoe on? They go on easy regardless.

    Iheartbeauty, Thank you so much! Yay!! One of my readers made it for me and I love it! 🙂


  2. I loved the Leopard Jolly style, but they're sold out. I went into my local “Dots” store yesterday, and they've got almost the same shoe (minus the laces) for about $22. I tried them on, and they were really comfy and adorable. Only reason I didn't get them was b/c they made me sooooo tall. They also have thigh high boots (flats and heels) for about $20, and I bought a pair. For super cheap boots, they fit very well, true to size, and seem fairly well made.


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