Maybelline Volume Express One By One Mascara Review!

maybelline one by one mascara review

Maybelline One by One Volum’ Express Mascara

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Patented lash catcher brush has 3 bristles per lash to make every lash count. It catches, coats and de-clumps each lash to make them all fatter and flirtier. Instant clump-free volume. Contact lens safe and ophthalmologist tested. Washable. (There are often Kmart coupon codes available for Maybelline)
Lash Catcher? Well, that’s a fancy title for a mascara wand. The unique wand design is the star of the show in Maybelline’s One by One Mascara, which I’m not actually too keen of. The shape is a rounded oval (like a football), with rows of rubber bristles that start out short and ascend toward the middle and descend again at the end. There’s a tiny bit of space between each row, specifically so there are less bristles touching your lashes (think of it as one on one time with your lash and the bristle) to “catch” or coat your individual lashes. The result should be separated lashes with a little bit of volume, minus the clumps.
Maybelline One by One Mascara Wand

I actually have to give a hand to Maybelline, because the claims run true when using the product on my lashes.

My lashes are nothing to brag about. They are medium in length, but pretty thin. The difference between using a mascara that separates and doesn’t separate is huge. I’ve tested out mascaras in the past that would clump my lashes together and make it look like I have around 8 stubby lashes on each eye. When using a good mascara that separates, it should give the effect of having even more lashes than you already have.

This mascara separates my lashes really well. I want to say it reminds me a little but of Maybelline The Falsies, but a more natural version, with a little bit of volume, without the clumps. I love Maybelline The Falsie’s though for the record and don’t mind the clumps!

maybelline one by one mascara review
Two Coats.

It holds up well throughout the day without any smudging or flaking. I also like that the color is very black (because I like the blackest black out there!) It also doesn’t leave my lashes feeling stiff – yuck!

Overall, I think it’s a really great mascara. But, for those who want really dramatic lashes, this mascara may not be the right one for you. Although it does give volume, it’s not going to give a false-lash effect. In the long-run, I’m sticking to Maybelline The Falsie’s for my bold lashes. 

PROS: Defines the lashes well (separates), doesn’t clump, doesn’t make the lashes stiff/crispy, the color is a true deep black, great formula that makes my lashes look slightly longer with a little bit of volume, doesn’t smudge or flake.
CONS: Although the brush design is effective, I personally prefer a standard brush. Applying mascara with this brush is a little awkward, takes longer and I sometimes end up with mascara on my lids during application. Also, I find that the tube dries out too quickly.
PACKAGING: No complaints, really.
OVERALL: Overall there are mostly pros with this mascara. It’s no doubt very good, but what’s going to keep me from re-purchasing it is the brush design. Like I mentioned, it is effective in separating, but I prefer using a traditional wand for quicker application. For those of you who want separated lashes that look either natural (with one coat) or slightly fuller and wispy (with two coats) this mascara would be a great one to look into.

Have you tried this mascara? If so, what did you think of it? If not, what’s your favorite mascara?

16 thoughts on “Maybelline Volume Express One By One Mascara Review!

  1. I feel the exact same way. I loved my lashes once they were done but application with the brush was a nightmare. I liked the mascara but didn't repurchase it for that reason. I really like Maybelline's Volum' Express Turbo Boost. I switch it up between that and Voluminous. Great post as always! 🙂


  2. I've been wanting to try this for the longest time but it never really stood out to me.
    After reading your review, I might actually purchase it! I quite like my lashes to be separated and not clumped together! (Usually happens just as you mentioned it!)
    Great review, as always!


  3. Your review is so detailed and I love the pictures! Although I've never tried any Maybelline mascaras after this review I'm more inclined to try Maybelline The Falsie's and not this one! Thank you for the review because I need a new mascara!



  4. It looks great on your lashes, I think! I'm always jealous of the many choices you have there for drugstore mascaras. This one isn't available in where I live but I'd like to give it a try if they finally release it here.


  5. I haven't tried this mascara, the current one im using right now is the falsies mascara, but my all time favorite drugstore mascaras are maybelline's full n soft and neutrogena's healthy volume.



  6. I'm glad you mentioned it drying out quickly…I thought I just made the mistake of not closing the bottle tightly (which I know I ALWAYS make sure to do with all my mascaras). And I'd also prefer if the brush was a bit different…not as bendy as it is. Good formula though.


  7. Hi Natalie, just wondering…did you purchase the waterproof version or just the regular one? Your lashes look amazing in the photo! Everytime I curl my lashes and then apply mascara (including maybelline one by one – non waterproof) my lashes instantly fall completey flat and become invisible. Do you have any tips on how you get some much volume in your lashes?


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