Chanel Bagatelle Glossimer Review, Photos and Swatches!

chanel bagatelle

 Chanel Bagatelle Glossimer

After walking away from the MAC counter empty handed, I went over to the Chanel counter to check out their Spring 2012 Collection. The only products that really stood out to me were May Le Vernis, what seemed like the perfect, creamy pink nail polish, Blush Horizon De Chanel; a soft pinkish-coral face powder, and Bagatelle Glossimer.
I ended up getting only the Glossimer from the collection, as I knew right away that it would be the perfect layering gloss for most of my favorite lipsticks.

Bagatelle is a light-medium Pepto-Bismol pink, filled with fine gold shimmer. The gold shimmer gives the pink gloss a bright, warm pink with a hint of peach appearance. From swatches I’ve seen on other blogs, the lipgloss looks fairly pigmented – Although it may be slightly more opaque than the others in this collection, or Glossimers in general, it’s still pretty sheer. When applied heavier, the color is more opaque, but it seems to sheer out pretty soon after.

Applied to my lips, it brightens, with adding a sheer pink hue and lots of shine.

chanel bagatelle glossimer review

I love Glossimers not only for the gorgeous shades and shimmer, but for the way they feel on the lips. They aren’t thick or sticky and don’t cause any additional dryness in my already dry lips. Also, from my experience, they seem to stick around on my lips for a few hours, which is pretty nice.

I have to mention though, that Bagatelle feels a little gritty on the lips. Not mega-gritty, but you can definitely feel the glitter when you rub your lips together.

chanel bagatelle glossimer
chanel bagatelle glossimer
Here it is on my bare lips.
chanel bagatelle swatch

I probably won’t be wearing it too much by itself, but it looks lovely when applied over any light to medium pink lipstick, as well as peaches and corals.  I’ve been wearing it over MAC Creme Cup and love it!

I also picked up a sample of Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere Foundation, so I’ll be testing that out in the next few days, and I purchased an Illusion D’Ombre (IT’S ABOUT TIME, RIGHT?) so I’ll be posting about those soon!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

17 thoughts on “Chanel Bagatelle Glossimer Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. this looks really pretty by itself. i wouldn't be able to wear it alone either though,.. but I am tempted to get the chanel pro lumiere foundation because it has good reviews! can't wait to read yours!


  2. Hey love, that pink is super cute but i agree, putting it over a lipstick will make it look better as you say you have with Creme Cup!

    I LOVED Chanel Pro Lumiere, but the Perfect Lumiere SUCKS! I hope you like it.. I am SO NOT trying to be a Debbie Downer, but the Perfect Lumiere settled into my lines and I felt like it just didnt cover the way the Pro Lumiere did. I am still SUPER mad at Chanel for discontinuing the Pro. lol

    I will be looking for your updates on how you like it!! I hope you do, and dont hate it like me! lol



  3. OOOooo it's cute! I was just looking at Temptalia's swatches on the Chanel collection and it seems the other two glosses are close to “clear” with just a little shimmer. I might go and invest in this one myself 🙂


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