Jewelmint Metal Mosaic Ring Review!

jewelmint metal mosaic ring

Jewelmint Metal Mosaic Ring

Hey Everyone, quick Jewelmint post today – I purchased another ring that I’ve had my eyes on for a while. It’s one of their older pieces that has been around since I joined a few months ago. It’s the ‘Metal Mosaic Ring’.
I decided to finally get it after realizing how well it would coordiante with my most recent Madison Avenue Ring. I do of course have other silver rings, but I’m a big fan of the quality of Jewelmint’s rings. I have three, and they are all very sturdy, heavy, comfortable and haven’t tarnished/discolored in any way.
The Metal Mosaic Ring is available in one color, silver, which is oxidized to give off an antique/grungy look. It’s made up of a cluster of different sized squares that are all connected. It’s a really unique and “different” ring. It really looks like a small piece of art on your finger.
Kate Bothworth says,
“This ring is the type of piece that will carry over so well from running around in the day to enjoying a night on the town. It’s one of my favorite rings we’ve done so far. Channel Alexander Wang – a little tough, urban and very cool. “
jewelmint metal mosaic ring
Jewelmint Metal Mosaic Ring

jewelmint metal mosaic ring
Jewelmint Metal Mosaic Ring
jewelmint rings
It does in fact, coordinate very well with the Madison Avenue Ring. I’ve had this ring for a week, and I always wear them together.

**I apologize for this awful picture of my incredibly dry hands. This has been the toughest winter by far on my hands.

As far as the sizing goes, I ordered a size 6, and it fits true to size to slightly large. My left ring finger is always a size 6, but my right ring finger is closer to a 6.5, and it fits both fingers comfortably.

Overall, I’m very happy with my ring. I do like the Madison Avenue Ring better if I had to choose, but I think the Metal Mosaic is a really fun item and I’m happy to own it.

(Image Credit: StyleSpotting)
For new customers, there’s a 50% off code handy, which will make your first piece $14.99, with free shipping. The code is “PRETTY” and it is valid until 1/31/2012.

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