Victoria’s Secret Hot Pink Dazzleshine Lipgloss Review, Photos and Swatches!

Victoria's Secret Hot Pink Dazzleshine Lipgloss

Victoria’s Secret Hot Pink Beauty Rush Dazzleshine Lipgloss 

It’s always hard to resist those tempting bins they have strategically placed near the cash register, so you can rack up your total while anxiously waiting in line. After talking myself out of unnecessary purchases and patting myself on the back for my awesome will-power, I always manage to sucker myself into something glittery I don’t need, in those very bins. My recent trip to Victoria’s Secret was no exception. 

I’m not sure how new these glosses are to the Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush line, but I believe they are one of their newest additions.

Victoria’s Secret Dazzleshine Lipglosses are available in six (6) dazzling shades: Wine, Hot Pink, Cherry, Nude, Opal Shimmer and Pink Rose.

I chose Hot Pink because I thought it would pair well with some of my fuschia lip colors. It’s basically a very sheer bright pink filled with bright pink/purple glitter flecks. The glitters are very fine, so you don’t feel the grit on your lips. 

Victoria's Secret Hot Pink Dazzleshine Lipgloss

They retail for $7 each, or you can purchase 2/$12 ($6 each) or 4/$20 ($5 each).

I actually expected them to be squeeze tubes by the looks of it, but they actually have a doe-foot lipgloss wand. That can be a good, or bad thing depending on your preference. For a cream formula gloss, I like a doe-foot. But, for a clear, glittery gloss, I prefer a brush applicator – kind of like MAC Dazzleglasses. They seem to apply a little more product to the lips.

They all have different scents, ranging from citrus to “dazzling daiquiri”. Hot Pink has the dazzling daiquiri scent – It smells like a sweet rum, but faints once on the lips. I’m not big on scented glosses, and kinda wished it would be scent-free, but I guess we can’t win them all, right?

Victoria's Secret Hot Pink Dazzleshine Lipgloss 

The lipgloss itself is really nice. It’s not sticky, too thick, gritty or too runny. It feels really good on the lips.

It’s sheer, but buildable if you want more of an opaque coverage. Although it doesn’t get very opaque, but the color will intensify when applied heavier.

Victoria's Secret Dazzleshine Lipgloss Swatches

I just really don’t like the rum scent – yuck.

But, not bad for $6. On the plus side, I really like the packaging! 🙂

Have you tried these?

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