Zara Haul! (plus a small rant)

Hey Everyone!

The weekend is here already – I can’t believe where the time goes. I’ve been super busy lately, as February is always a busy month! There’s George’s birthday (the big 30!!! woohoo!), Valentine’s Day and our Anniversary (6 years!) all very close together. So, I have lots of planning to do, with very little time!

I’ve had several e-mails already for guest posting, and haven’t had the chance to get back to them yet. But, I will get back to any unanswered e-mails by Monday.

In other news, I wanted to mention that I think it’s official that I’m boycotting purchasing Essie polishes, unless I come across a ridiculously unique shade. For my Valentine’s Day themed nails yesterday, I already have chips on every finger. It’s one of those polishes where you’ll look down at your hands randomly and find that the polish completely peeled off a nail. My mom used the same polish and the same thing happened to her. I mean, that can happen with any polish, but every Essie polish I have is either too thin (streaks galore) or too thick and gunky (like I left it in my car in 90 degree heat). I think I’m going to stick with OPI from now on.

Anyways, onto my haul!

Zara had an amazing sale for January, and I literally went nuts. Everything was an incredible deal, but I wish I spotted the sale earlier so I could have caught some extra goodies!

I purchased three pairs of shoes; one pair of knee-high boots, one pair of ankle boots and one pair of peep-toe heels.

I’m in crazy love with the ankle boots. The leather is so soft, and they just look so classy. They had them in black as well, but I was too late, and they all sold out!

I also purchased two bags that I’ve been wanting all winter. They were reduced to $39.99 each, and they’re both real leather! 
The leopard print bag is huge and really structured. I think I’ll be using as a briefcase, rather than a handbag. I’ve seen it on several fashion bloggers and I think it’s such a chic accessory.

I didn’t get too many items of clothing, as most of it was picked over. I did manage to get a really cute black blazer and a long grey sweater with elbow patches. The blazer was around $40, and the sweater was only $20.

Lastly, I got this gorgeous teal scarf with matching sequins. I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately, so I thought this would add a nice pop of color to my outfit! It was only around $9.

That about sums it up for my haul – I’m so happy with everything, especially the shoes and bags. Zara has quickly become one of my favorite places to shop! I’ve found myself checking their site almost every day.

Hope you all have a terrific weekend!

Talk to you soon!


33 thoughts on “Zara Haul! (plus a small rant)

  1. I have the exact same problem with Essie. But I do love their ballet slippers and a similar OPI bubble bath is not quite the same. So I just have to live with it chipping like a day later.


  2. Great stuff! I spent Friday night trying to rush through dinner (coercing my guy to have dinner on the crazy busy Hollywood Blvd!) just to try and make it to the Zara store! Alas the Thai food made him ill, so no Zara.

    PS I love Essie too but have the same problem!? At about 8 bucks a pop, I'm not happy about that 😦


  3. Right!? I rarely ever come across a shade of Essie with a non streaky/non goopy formula. I barely like doing my nails as it is, so I don't have much patience for a thin/streaky polish that requires three coats to look halfway decent. *sigh*


  4. I love it so much. I've seen it on Dulce Candy as well and it looked so cute on her! The only thing about it, is that it is SO stiff! You can literally carry your laptop and files/folders in it. Regardless, cute and totally worth it.


  5. Hi!! 🙂

    Awesome! I really like the style of it. It looks slightly different than you're average basic black blazer. I figured I could use one sooner or later!

    Thank you! ❤


  6. Thank you! I remember going in Zara a few years ago, and seeing the prices were expensive, I walked right out.

    But when I went in there recently, I noticed that not everything is expensive. I found some cute sweaters and shirts (didn't purchase though) for around $30 original price- which is fine if the quality is good!

    I'm going to start going there more often for sure.

    Aw, how sweet! Thank you so much, I hope you have a lovely time as well!


  7. Great haul! I love the bag w/ the animal print detail. I wish we had a Zara's here =/. Your so right about Essie polishes. Every shade I've ever used was either too streaky or too goopy.



  8. Hello, I really like reading your blog. I used to always just walk in Zara, take a quick look, and walk right out, because everything was expensive. Not too long ago, I actually walked away with 2 shirts and a pair of pants that were within my price range. Makes me want to shop there more often too! I really like the peep-toe heels you got and I love how structured the animal-print bag is, but sadly, I'm not one to pull off animal print. Enjoy your purchases!


  9. Those are such amazing and chic finds! I love everything and am Zara obsessed lol so no wonder! but those bags and the ankle booties are such amazing deals! can't wait to see you styling them 🙂


  10. Love the sweater!!! Oh man after seeing this I really need to order from the website and take advantage of their sale. I first discovered Zara in Rome and fell in love with their clothing and accessories, I'm glad to see it's becoming more popular in the states.


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