Bobbi Brown Pale Pink and Blushed Rose Pot Rouge Review, Photos and Swatches!

bobbi brown pot rouges

Bobbi Brown Pale Pink and Blushed Rose Pot Rouge

After hearing news of Bobbi Brown discontinuing their pot rouges, I’m pretty sure I spit out my coffee. Thankfully, Bobbi Brown isn’t getting rid of pot rouges all together, but reformulating them. Although, I don’t know what was wrong them in the first place!? I’m hoping they still hold on to some of their great shades, as well as come out with some drool-worthy new ones.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge is a cream formula for both cheeks and lips.

There are still some sites that have some in stock online – Nordstrom has a few shades (Chocolate Cherry, Milk Chocolate and Pale Pink), Sephora still has Pale Pink in stock, and I’m sure there are many other sites that would have them if you shop around. I was always able to find pot rouges at my nearest Cosmetic Company Outlet (CCO) so I wouldn’t doubt they would have some (I’d call before driving there).

I’ve only owned Blushed Rose, but recently got my hands on Pale Pink. Powder Pink and Stonewashed Pink were on my wishlist for a few years, but never got around to purchasing them. *Le Sigh*.

bobbi brown pale pink and blushed rose pot rouge

Blushed Rose is a warm brownie pink with a rose undertone. It’s a very natural shade that works on a variety of skintones for that every day, natural blushed effect.
Pale Pink is a medium toned pink. I would consider it a warm pink, but it’s not overly warm. It’s somewhere in the middle. In comparison to Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink Powder Blush, they are very different. The powder blush is more blue based and brighter. The pot rouge is a slightly deeper pink. 

Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Pot Rouge
Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Pot Rouge

Bobbi Brown Blushed Rose Pot Rouge
Bobbi Brown Blushed Rose Pot Rouge

If I flashed back a few years ago, cream products for my cheeks never seemed to work out for me. I couldn’t get the application down pat, and cream blush always seemed to look muddy or greasy on my cheeks.

You can simply apply cream blush with your fingers, but my preferred method is with a small synthetic bristled blush brush or a duo-fiber brush. I like to lightly tap my brush in the product, then tap it on the back of my hand to avoid applying too much product directly to my cheeks, then lightly stippling it on my cheeks and swirling to blend.

I don’t own very many cream blushes, and yet have had a chance to try out options from many brands (I’d like to try Nars, NYX, Illamasqua, etc). The few I have, I really enjoy using during the summer when I want my skin looking dewy, fresh and natural – as well as in the winter when I need some extra radiance and glow.

bobbi brown pot rouge swatches

Cream blushes can be used alone, or under a powder blush (as a base) to prolong the wear of your blush. They work especially nice on those with dry or dull skin, who find that powder blushes make their skin look dry and ashy – as they will add a fresh, dewy glow to the cheeks.

I really love Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges, I think they are the perfect consistency – they aren’t thick and too soft/creamy, and they aren’t too dry. They blend really well and don’t make my cheeks look oily throughout the day.

I’m really hoping the new pot rouges will be just as good! Don’t fail me, Bobbi!!

bobbi brown pot rouges
Are you a fan of cream blushes? What’s your favorite?

19 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Pale Pink and Blushed Rose Pot Rouge Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. they are both very pretty. I have never tried BB cream blushes but now I'm going to. I have one Nars cream blush and one MAC creamblend blush and that's it. All the rest of mine are powder


  2. I really do not own any cream blushes because I, like you, felt that I could not apply them very well. Using a synthetic brush is a great idea! This pale pink color looks so pretty.


  3. these are my FAVORITE. i recently snatched up velvet plum just in case the shade isnt coming back. i have been going crazy and trying to pick up chocolate cherry online/in store but my order keeps getting canceled because they dont have the product anymore 😦 i asked bobbi brown's facebook and they said the formula WILL be the same, they are just repackaging it into a compact form (no more screw top) and they also said not ALL the shades will be coming back 😦 no word on which ones! ill be so heartbroken if the formula DOES end up being different. they are my favorite cream blushes!


  4. I really like the Pale Pink! I've never actually used a cream blush before because I like it very subtle and I'm afraid the cream blush will be too dark on my skin.


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