Kirkland Signature Cosmetic Brush Set!

Kirkland Signature Cosmetic Brush Set

I’ve been interested in trying makeup brushes from Costco for a while now, after repeatedly hearing about how awesome some of the sets have been over the past few years.

I don’t have a membership to Costco, so as far as inventory goes, I’m not really sure how often the selection of brushes changes. The location near me only had this set available, and of course, it could differ from location. I really wanted to try a Borghese Brush set, and I didn’t know until now that they aren’t sold all year round. Apparently they are available around the holidays, and there is a new set each year. (Please correct me if I’m wrong, as I don’t want to give out false information).

The Kirkland Signature Cosmetic Brush Set includes: Contour Kabuki Brush, Highlighting Fan Brush, Finishing Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Powder Brush, Cheek Brush, All Over Eye Brush, Angled Eye Brush, Crease Eye Brush, Liner Brush and Cosmetic Bag/Brush Roll.

Kirkland Signature Cosmetic Brush Set

 On the Costco website, the set retails for $29.99. But, at my local Costco, this set was only $13.97! (My amazing friend picked it up for me. Hi May!) I wouldn’t necessarily purchase this set for $30, but $14 is an absolute bargain (A little over a dollar a brush + the brushroll/cosmetic bag!)

My favorite brushes include: The Finishing Brush and Pointed Foundation Brush. The finishing brush is one of the softest brushes in the set and feels wonderful on the face. The pointed foundation brush is also very soft and doesn’t make the foundation application streaky. Also, because of the pointed shape, it applies the foundation well in small areas (around the the nose, brows and hairline) and it works well for applying concealer.

My least favorite brushes include: The Contour Kabuki Brush and Highlighting Fan Brush. These are my least favorite of the bunch and I probably won’t use them often. They are incredibly soft, but almost too soft for my taste. They are synthetic, but the cheap synthetic, where the fibers are shiny and plasticy. I prefer natural bristles unless it’s for foundation. I may use them for setting powder, though.


 I like all of the face brushes in this set, and like I already mentioned, the finishing and foundation brushes are my favorite. All of the brushes are soft, but the powder and cheek brush aren’t luxuriously soft. I don’t mind that though, and I’m sure they will feel better with a couple of washes. They are dense, and the powder brush works really well for application of loose powder and the cheek brush works great for bronzer.

All of the eye brushes in the set work wonderfully and I have no complaints with any of them. My favorite eye brush in the set is the crease brush. I have a thing for tapered blending brushes, and it’s the perfect size for blending color in the crease and it can also work for applying powder under the eyes.

Kirkland Signature Cosmetic Brush Set
Kirkland Signature Cosmetic Brush Set
I was a little hesitant about this set at first because purple is actually my least favorite color in the color spectrum, but these brushes are a very deep, elegant eggplant purple and they don’t seem to clash with my other black handle brushes in my kit. 
The quality is very good, and all of the brushes are really sturdy.
If you can nab this set for $14, it really is a good deal. I’d pay $14 alone for the foundation and finishing brush!
To view more details about this set, check it out on the Costco website by clicking here

20 thoughts on “Kirkland Signature Cosmetic Brush Set!

  1. I see this brushes every time I go costco, the price is good but the thing for me is they are big, very tall and taking lot of space, that is the reason why I didn't purchase them.


  2. I've always wanted to try these Kirland or Borghese brush sets but I can never find them at my Costco 😦 That pointed foundation brush looks awesome and I've been looking for a brush like the liner brush.


  3. Thanks for the review! I see these every time I go and wonder what they're like. I didn't know they were separate from the Borghese brushes; I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them during the holidays 🙂


  4. i love your blog! get soo many great ideas and tips.
    just bought the sonia kashuk essensial eye kit set from target. & if you have them too i would LOVE to here what you think


  5. I bought this set about 2 months ago and I like some, such as the crease eyebrush (amazing) and the all over eyebrush, but I do not like the cheek brush! I use it for applying my foundation and it shedds everytime I use it on my face! I mean the hair pieces are here and there and I hate using brushes that leave hairs on my face. Annoying. I bought this set when it was $20. I wouldn't buy it for $20 again but for $14 that's a better deal!


  6. Awesome review! I had no idea Kirkland did a brush set, but they definitely do make all sorts of things now a days, including hard liquour! haha!. This set looks amazing though, great pics! I want this set now.


  7. I have this set and my skunk brush after few uses started bleeding, and now the white part is not white anymore…
    It also smells bad… I used it for liquid foundation and cleaned it after every use.
    I love the rest of the brushes though- great deal for $25.


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