Get ’em before they’re gone.

I know, I know, makeup brushes again. But I just wanted to share that Coastal Scents recently launched some new brushes (or newly designed brushes) and put all of their current brushes on Clearance. The brushes were already inexpensive to begin with, so the extra discount (I believe it’s 50%) is quite the steal on several of them.

I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of them, but some of my favorites include: The Bionic Flat Top Buffer Brush, Black Sable Buffer Brush, Destiny Kabuki on a Stick and Fan Brush Black. Most of their eye brushes are quite good. I use The Pro Blending Fluff Brush and Destiny Blender often, and I would say they are very comparable to higher end makeup brushes.

 Assorted Coastal Scents Brushes

*With any new makeup brushes, I recommend washing them before use to release any loose bristles, and rid the bristles of any dust that they may have came in contact with during manufacturing. Also, brushes typically feel softer after a good wash.

I’ve been ordering from Coastal Scents from the past couple of years and I’m really happy with their service and shipping time. I typically always receive my order within three business days, and my order has never been wrong. (No affiliation)

Check out all of their brushes, by clicking here.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

11 thoughts on “Get ’em before they’re gone.

  1. They differ in softness. All of their eye brushes are soft. I think I own every one and none of them are scratchy. The Bionic Flat Top Buffer Brush is ultra soft and comparable to Sigma's popular F80 brush, but I actually prefer the Coastal Scents brush much more. The Black Sable Buffer Brush is also very, very soft as well as the fan brush.

    Some of the brushes have slightly stiffer bristles, such as the brushes with the yellowish colored bristles, The Flat Bronzer Buffer Brush and Destiny Short Handled Buffer Brush, but they become softer with washes, especially if you use conditioner on them. The stiffer brushes work better for powder foundation, mineral powders and bronzer in my opinion.


  2. Thanks Natalie! I just placed my order… so mad that I missed out on the synthetic angle blush & define brush 😦 And I'm pretty surprised the Bionic Flat Top brush is still available though. I was going to pick up the sigmax F82 and F80, but passed when I saw the new CS Classic Buffer Large is basically the F82, I hope it's as good as all my other CS brushes.


  3. thanks for the heads up! just ordered 5 brushes 🙂 i never used their brushes, i've been trying to build up my brush collection with sigma, but if these are just as good, why pay the higher price?? i can't wait to try these out!


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