I won a giveaway and I’m so psyched!


It’s very rare that I enter a giveaway – and by rare I mean very rare. Almost never. The only giveaways I’ll typically enter on occasion are the ones sponsored by Temptalia and Makeup and Beauty Blog.

For some reason I decided to try my luck and enter The Best Thing in Beauty‘s recent giveaway for an adorable Bobbi Brown Mini Shimmer Brick in the shade Sandstone.

I’ve been a long time subscriber of The Best Things in Beauty (I believe ever since I started my blog in ’09 – she started a month before me!) and if you haven’t stopped by her blog yet, I really urge you to. She’s known as “Charleston Girl” and she is sure to keep you drooling over the newest high-end makeup collections and her lovely sunlit swatches. She is one fabulous woman with wonderful taste and a passion for beauty. What are you waiting for!? Go read! (click here)

Anyway, I really couldn’t believe I won, and here comes my package in the mail yesterday morning!

Of course as generous and sweet as her, she added in a couple awesome extras. I’m so thankful and can’t wait to try everything out!
Believe it or not, as big of a makeup fanatic as I am, I’ve never tried a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. I’ve always been curious, but since I own so several MAC MSF’s that are on the shimmery side, I passed up ever purchasing any. I’m definitely not afraid of shimmer, glitter or frosty cheek products. There are some people that want nothing to do with anything that shines, but I love a matte blush just as much as I love a shimmer.
Sandstone (limited edition shade) contains five stripes of pure, glowy goodness. There is a lovely champagne ivory, golden tan, bronzed brown, copper brown and chocolate brown. All stripes are of course frosty and pigmented.
What’s really great about Shimmer Bricks is that you can use the colors individually (on eyes or cheeks) or you can swirl them all together for a beautiful golden, tan glow. 
Bobbi Brown Sandstone Shimmer Brick
Bobbi Brown Sandstone Shimmer Brick
If you’re wondering about the compact, it’s actually metal – and yes, heavy! The compact has a very high-end look and feel. I’m sure you could even use it for a little paper weight.. haha! It has a magnet closure, which frankly, I’m quite obsessed with. This little compact was a Bobbi Brown exclusive back in 2009, so I’m sure they are very hard to find now.
Bobbi Brown Sandstone swirled together.

I’d like to thank Charleston Girl again for this awesome prize, and I can’t wait to put it to use!

Have any of you tried Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks? Have any favorites?

16 thoughts on “I won a giveaway and I’m so psyched!

  1. Congrats on winning!

    I have bronze and rose gold shimmer bricks. My all time favorite will always be the bronze!


  2. Bobbi Brown is one of those high-high end brands I've never tried. One day, when I'm making a full-time salary. Congrats on winning! It's a great feeling to win a giveaway!


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