Essence #47 Prom Night Lipstick Review!

Essence Prom Night Lipstick

I’ve pretty much been on an Essence buying rampage lately. I know Essence is nothing new to ULTA, but they’re constantly coming out with new products and colors. And, since they’re such an affordable brand, you won’t be breaking the bank, even with your hands full

Essence Lipstick is available in ten (10) fun colors: #40 Look at Me!, #41 Femme Fatale, #42 Fairytale, #43 Kiss you, #47 Prom Night, #48 Red Carpet, #49 Like a Lady, #50 Creamy Nude, #51 Fifth Avenue and #55 Coralize Me!

Since you can never have enough natural pink lipsticks, I knew that #47 Prom Night would be one of those shades you can throw on your lips daily, and it’ll pretty much go with anything. And, at $2, how can you go wrong?

Prom Night is a bubble-gum pink that leans a bit on the cool (slightly purple) side and has a slight frosty finish. I’m not a fan of frost. It makes me think of the 90’s when everyone was rocking white, silver and lilac frosty lipsticks (Yeah, I was 11 or 12 years old rocking it too.) This lipstick only has a subtle frost, so don’t fear. For those of you that own Rimmel Pink Blush Lipstick, it’s pretty similar.

Essence Prom Night Lipstick

READ MORE! (there’s a picture of George & Me @ Prom.. haha!)

It’s pretty sheer at first, but very buildable. For those of you with pigmented lips and don’t want the redness peeking through, you may want to tone them down with a little concealer (or MAC Lip Erase) before applying.
For some reason, when I apply lip balm prior, the lipstick doesn’t spread evenly. It actually applies better on dry lips. Due to the frost, it feels slightly gritty on the lips, but I think paired with a similar colored lipgloss over top, it looks great!
Still, not bad for the price!
Do you have any favorite Essence lipsticks?
What was I wearing on Prom Night???
I believe it was MAC Florabundance Lipglass, press-on nails and loads of self-tanner (eek!) I wore a tiara because prom fell on my 18th birthday. I had to keep telling everyone “No, I’m not the prom queen.” haha!

27 thoughts on “Essence #47 Prom Night Lipstick Review!

  1. I like your outfits! So feminine~~. haha soo Im trying to get my online store out here, it is my new online store of high quality replicas. I saw your blog on, and i thought i could stop by the blogs of people who are into fashion and see if it is any interesting to your needs. It would be cool if you could check it out, it is very small right now, but i am planning on having a bigger online store by the end of the month. Thank you! 🙂 (And maybe this is the kind of fashion that you need to complete your wardrobe!)


  2. Are you still happy with George? 🙂 Would love to see/read some more private posts as you did some time ago! Nonetheless, I know its difficult to do them because of the growing amount of readers..:)


  3. That is such a gorgeous shade! Lipsticks are my weaknesses, but this one won't break the bank. I'll have to stop by Ulta next time and check it out!


  4. So beautiful *-* Love the color! I like that it covered pretty well your lips.

    Unfortunatly I can't find Essence here in Brazil and I guess there's no online stores that ships worldwide T_T



  5. I think it's pretty. Frost finishes get put down way too much. If you pair them with matte blush and eyeliner they look totally cute.


  6. Im not a fan of frost either but this is a nice color. Straight outta the 80s & 90s! I love the pic of you guys at prom, so cute! In my prom pics my body was so tan, and my face so white lol clearly my foundation was too light and probably had SPF in it. Ugh!


  7. LOL, I swear, I feel the same way. I like pairing it with my favorite Revlon Lip Glaze in Perrenial Pink and it looks much more wearable. Essence can be found online or in-store at ULTA. If you find yourself at an endcap, I'm sure you'll go nuts lol


  8. you cant go wrong with essence! living in germany this is my go to drugstore brand. I was surprised to see the colours differ from the ones over here though as everything else at ulta seems to be the same. you can try to order online from they should offer worldwide shipping.



  9. I need to get this. It reminds me of one of the new YSL rouge Voluptes (shade 116) im looking for a dupe as its LE and I think this may be it!! xx


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