Physicians Formula Waikiki Strip Shimmer Stripes Custom Bronzer Review!

Physicians Formula Waikiki Strip Shimmer Stripes Custom Bronzer

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer isn’t anything new – In fact, the oldest review on Makeupalley dates back to 2006, so they’ve been around for a while. You may have seen posts about them here and there as they often considered to be comparable to the much higher-end Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks.

The Shimmer Strips Bronzers come in a frosty block with five different strips of color. What’s great about them is that they are a multi-use product that can be used as a bronzer, highlighter as well as eyeshadow.

There are six (6) different shimmer stripes to choose from: Sunset Strip/Bronzer, Vegas Strip/Light Bronzer, Riviera Strip/Sand Bronzer, Malibu Strip/Pink Sand Bronzer, Miami Strip/Healthy Glow Bronzer and Waikiki Strip/Peachy Glow Bronzer.

From the selection, I think Waikiki Strip is the prettiest one. It contains a warm peachy-pink, gold, golden-copper bronze, deep bronze and a dark chocolate.

Physicians Formula Waikiki Strip Shimmer Stripes Custom Bronzer


Although I don’t like too much shimmer in my bronzer, with a very light hand, this gives a very pretty sheen to the cheeks. When I’m wearing a pink blush, I love using the top strip with a fan brush as a highlight for my cheekbones. I also like using all of the shades for eyeshadow – especially the bottom two browns. They can also be used with a damp applicator brush/sponge for more intensity.

Here are the strips swatched individually..
And here’s what it looks like when you swirl all of the colors together! It’s a warm, peachy bronze.

Physicians Formula products tend to be a little more on the pricier side of the drugstore products, but they are high quality products. I typically like to wait for a sale to swing around at CVS – every once in a while they have a sale if you purchase $10 worth of Physician’s Formula products, you’ll get $7 back at checkout that can be used on your next purchase. I always take advantage of the sale and try something I’ve been interested in.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Bronzer ranges from $10-$15, and can be found at most drugstores.

15 thoughts on “Physicians Formula Waikiki Strip Shimmer Stripes Custom Bronzer Review!

  1. I love using these wet. The pigment is so smooth and bold. I love the clean look of the packaging too. They last forever which kinda drives me nuts as I always end up getting sick of them and want to buy a new one just for that new feeling lol.


  2. LOL! That made me laugh.. I know exactly what you mean. Its such an accomplishment to finish a product. I've hit pan on a couple of my MAC shadows and i've been trying to finish them up for what seems like FOREVER. I'm on the verge of tossing them so I can buy new, fresh ones lol


  3. I love physicians formula I started using the bronzer a little late but Im in love with it. I do not leave my house without it. Bronzer, eyeliner and lipgloss. This is the perfect quick makeup. I apply it all over my face concentrating mainly on the eyes especially for parties. Im not a huge makeup fan so this bronzer is perfect for me


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