Forget the Twix, I’ll take those lace Meundies briefs in slot B3.

For those of you that haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ll know that fashion & beauty monthly subscription sites have been booming. You can get a monthly subscription for everything imaginable now-a-days, including (I’m sure you already guessed) your underwear.
Yep. is just that. You first take a short questionnaire or “style quiz/profile”, so the website can generate a selection of items that will fit your personal style. Once your selection pops up, if you see something you like, you can make a one-time purchase. If you don’t see anything you like, there’s no obligation to purchase anything. You also have the option to “auto-ship” on your favorite pair to receive them each month for 20% less. 
After choosing auto-ship, just like other sites, you can choose to “skip” the month and you won’t be charged. Just make sure it’s within the first five days of the month.
The price is $20 a pair. Sound pricey? claims to have “the world’s most comfortable underwear”. All undies are handcrafted with high quality fabric and lace for ultimate quality and comfort. Not happy with them? There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You have a choice of a thong, boyshorts or briefs. I chose the black briefs, which is my absolute favorite style of underwear to wear for every day.


The packaging is awesome. Your underwear will be folded in a very slim, compact cardboard box. You can literally slip it in your back pocket.

Here’s a quick glance at the front and back of the briefs.


One thing I noticed right away is that they appeared pretty small for a medium. Compared to a similar style of medium-sized undies from Victoria’s Secret (pictured below), you can see that the Meundies pair runs smaller.
I do notice that VS undies tend to stretch out a bit, while the Meundies pair hugs my body all day without feeling tight or loosening up. Super comfy.

Some people might think it sounds goofy to pay more for something you can get for so cheap, but from my experience, I’ve purchased underwear just about everywhere, and although it’s not something I like to shovel out a lot for, it’s typically worth paying a little more for better quality. The last time I purchased a handful of underwear from Charolette Russe, they literally were literally hanging by threads after a couple of washes. I love lingerie shopping though, and I don’t really expect undergarments to last very long, so I like to “refresh” my collection every so often. Am I the only one that feels like I can take on the world with a new bra?

I can barely open my underwear drawer – I easily have 200 pairs. I can probably get away with doing laundry twice a year and still have clean bottoms. Let me tell you, I’d trade it in a second for about 20 good pairs.

Meundies also has plans in the future for these really snazzy vending machines to be located in airports, hotels and gyms across the country. A pretty good concept for travelers that accidentally under-packed.

Currently, there’s a Meundies vending machine residing in Confederacy Boutique on Hollywood Boulevard, CA, stocked with men’s underwear at $16 a pop.

Going downstairs at 3:00 AM in your hotel lobby for a bag of pizza combos, a diet coke and a pair of lace undies. It’s like shopping when nothing is open. Life doesn’t get any better.

Check out for yourself!

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