Covergirl Flashy Blastflipstick Blendable Lip Duo Review, Photos and Swatches!

Covergirl Flashy Blastflipstick Blendable Lip Duo

Have you spotted the Covergirl Blast Flipsticks on the racks yet at your local drugstore? Covergirl launched these lip duos at the start of the year, and to be honest, I dismissed them after spotting them at Walmart back in January because A) I didn’t spot any barbie pink, and B) I wasn’t too fond of the packaging. How shallow I must have been!
Well, I recently got the chance to try one of them, so I can share my thoughts with you all!
If these tubes look familiar to you, it’s because the packagaing has a striking resemblance to the Covergirl Smokey Shadow Blasts I reviewed a couple years ago (Which I thought were pretty cool but gave my eyes an allergic reaction. My eyes were waterworks every time I wore them!). It’s basically a double ended lipstick wand, with a darker cream shade on one end, and a lighter, shimmery shade on the other. Both colors can be worn separately, or you can layer the lighter shade over the darker one.
There are thirteen (13) shades in total: Whisper, Pucker, Glimmer, Flashy, Vixen, Perky, Tease, Cheeky, Stunner, Snap, Smooch, Minx and Intense.

I own the shade Flashy, a deep purple with a blue duo-chrome, and a light, shimmery magenta. This wouldn’t have been my shade of choice, but it’s a fab combination for deep to dark skintones!

Covergirl Flashy Blastflipstick Blendable Lip Duo

I was actually surprised with the texture and pigmentation of these. The dark purple is very creamy, smooth and opaque. The lighter color is sheer, but very smooth despite the shimmer. You can feel slight grit during application, but I don’t feel the shimmer on my lips.

(light, shimmery magenta)
(deep purple with blue duo-chrome)

Here are both shades swatched on my arm. The swatches are true to color, but the purple is definitely much deeper once applied to the lips.

In this photo, I applied the dark purple and added the lighter magenta on top. It’s actually very pretty, but it’s not really a shade I can see myself personally wearing. I haven’t really stepped into the world of purples yet (in lipstick), but I like I said, I can imagine this shade looking gorgeous on deeper skintones.

The only real downside with this shade in particular is that it stains my lips like no other product I’ve ever used. And it doesn’t stain them purple, but a very neon, reddish pink. In fact, it stains them better than any other stain I’ve used. That can be a good or bad thing for some.

It felt comfortable on my lips while I was wearing the product, but after I removed it, my lips felt very dry and tingly – slight burning sensation? I’m not sure if anyone else had that problem with these, but I’m assuming it was an irritation from the dyes. I’ve only had that happen one other time in my life with a Styli-Style lip stain. I’m hoping it won’t get worse by tomorrow! Kinda funny that the Covergirl Smokey Shadow Blasts caused my eyes irritation as well.

*EDIT 4/14 – My lips only felt irritated for the amount of time the stain was left on my lips. After scrubbing it off and applying lip balm, my lips were perfectly fine.

I most likely won’t be purchasing any additional shades as I really didn’t see any that interested me.

Price: Around $8 at your local drugstore. The price may vary from location to location.

What do you think of these? Have you tried them?

22 thoughts on “Covergirl Flashy Blastflipstick Blendable Lip Duo Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. I bought one the other day to try it out. I thought it was a great idea having two lipsticks in one that you could mix together if you wanted. I always have a hard time choosing a lipstick color I like, but I usually do well with berry or fuchsia shades so I picked up Pucker. I noticed it stained my lips too after it wears off. Because of the stain, I just dab in on lightly and apply gloss or the other side. It's such a bright color! Gets me in the mood for summer :). That sucks that the lipstick made your lips feel tingly…I wonder which ingredient is the culprit…


  2. I think the purple actually looks pretty sexy. You should post an FOTD with a purple lip sometime just for fun. It's something different then pink peach or nude.


  3. Im gonna check these next time I hit up Wally World. I'm trying to get into lipsticks. They're definitely out of my comfort zone!
    The purple is striking.



  4. I'm loving that purple shade. it looks good on u. I find myself purchasing more out-there lip shades. Not because I feel the urge to be more adventurous, just because I'm sick of buying the same colors lol.


  5. Thank you! Me too, as of lately. I got to the point of realization that I keep buying the SAME EXACT shade but in different brands. lol I think I got bored as well.


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  7. These don't really interest me. If the lipstick is staining the lip like that, it's probably cheap coloring or something, and I don't mess around with my lips! My skin is sensitive enough.


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