Maybelline SuperStay 14-Hr Lipstick in Please Stay Plum.

Maybelline SuperStay 14-Hr Lipsticks launched at the start of the new year, and frankly, we haven’t heard too much buzz about them.

Maybelline already has a Stain Gloss and Lip Color (the standard double-sided sponge applicator lip color with a clear conditioning balm on the opposite end), but they added a lipstick to the line, promising 14 hours of non-drying, comfortable wear.

Available in 20 shades: Perpetual Peony, Ultimate Blush, Fuschia Forever, Eternal Rose, Beige For Good, Never Ending Nude, Ceaseless Caramel, Consistently Truffle, Lasting Chestnut, Pout on Pink, Ravishing Rouge, Eduring Ruby, Timeless Crimson, Continuous Cranberry, Keep Me Coral, Infinite Iris, Till Mauve Do Us Part, Please Stay Plum, Endless Raisin, Wine and Forever.

I have Please Stay Plum, a deep, creamy wine.

I think the 14-hour claim is really alluring, as we all want our lipstick to last all day, but it also makes some of us weary because usually along with “long-lasting” lipstick formulas, you’re usually left with lips that are shriveled, crying for moisture.

Surprisingly it’s not the case for these lipsticks. They apply smooth and even without dragging or tugging at the lips.

Please Stay Plum in particular applies opaque with one coat, and deepens with additional coats.

It’s a little difficult to describe the texture. It dries at about 80% on the lips, and has very faint tacky feel when rubbing the lips together. Although the lipstick is almost dry on the lips, the actual formula doesn’t feel drying.

A quick wipe of clear lipgloss on top takes away that tacky feeling and makes this lipstick feel so much more moisturizing.

These lipsticks have a sweet, fruity scent, which I can only smell upon application. It doesn’t bother me, but I know that it may bother those who are sensitive to scented lip products.

A common misconception about this lipstick is that because it’s claimed to last for 14-hours, you’d expect it to be transfer-resistant. There are no claims that this lipstick won’t transfer. In no way does it transfer as much as a standard lipstick, but when drinking, it will transfer on the cup. The color holds up really well after drinking my usual Venti Coffee at Starbucks (which normally it would’ve completely worn off) and eating a meal.

Does it last for 14-hours? No. The darker shades will have the best lasting power because they leave a bit of a stain behind – the shade I have has good lasting power (after 4 hours, I could use a touch-up), but I’m sure it will differ with the lighter, nude and pink shades.

Overall, I can’t say I’m impressed with this lipstick, but the fact that it lasts longer than my standard lipstick and isn’t drying on my lips is pretty impressive. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the color selection from the line, but I think I might end up trying one other shade – Perpetual Peony (a soft pink).

Price: Around $7 at your local drugstore, but the price may vary on location.

27 thoughts on “Maybelline SuperStay 14-Hr Lipstick in Please Stay Plum.

  1. Thank you!

    I agree. All of the shades seemed pretty blah to me. Many contain shimmer, and many were red toned. Not many “every day” natural shades.


  2. Thanks for this! Although I never wore darker lipcolours, I really like this one. I might try it.
    And hey, 4 hours of hold is just fine if you used to a usual lipstick, whichs colour is gone after drinking a glass of water.


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