The proper suncare you’ll need this summer and the products I’m currently using! Plus free samples!

May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness about skin cancer and how to properly protect your skin against the sun. Skin Cancer is one of the most common Cancers in the US, affecting people of all ages. Since Summer is right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to address sun protection, while still enjoying some time in the sun this season.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend these simple options for protection against UV radiation—

  • Seek shade, especially during midday (10am to 4 pm) hours. 
  • Wear clothing to protect exposed skin. 
  • Wear a hat with a wide brim to shade the face, head, ears, and neck. 
  • Wear sunglasses that wrap around and block as close to 100% of both UVA and UVB rays as possible. 
  • Use sunscreen with sun protective factor (SPF) 15 or higher, and both UVA and UVB protection. 
  • Avoid indoor tanning. 
  • (Source:


    Of course since many of us can’t wait for Summer so we can enjoy the nice weather and wear less layers, wearing a suitable sunscreen (SPF of 15 or higher) is key.

    Sunscreen for the Face

    Although an SPF of 15 might be fine for the body, a higher SPF is recommended (minimum of 30) for the face. The lighter skin you have, the more protection you need. Most foundations don’t contain enough SPF (or any) so wearing an additional sunscreen under your makeup is necessary for adequate protection. Why do you need more protection for your face? Aside from skin cancer prevention, the sun damages the collagen in your skin, which leads to – yes, wrinkles and premature aging. Also, the sun causes freckles and sun spots which you’ll end up paying hundreds (or more) dollars in the future on chemical peels and AHA’s to fade them, when you could just do one more step, like applying a layer of sunscreen on your face in the morning to avoid it all together.

    The sunscreens I’m currently using on my face is Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion SPF30 and L’Oreal Sublime Sun Face Lotion SPF 50+. I typically use the Eucerin Lotion, but on days where I feel like I’ll need more protection, I’ll use the L’Oreal lotion. The reason I favor the Eucerin Lotion is mostly because of the texture. It’s a lightweight lotion and feels moisturizing, so an additional moisturizer isn’t necessary. It’s also non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog the pores. The L’Oreal lotion is very thin/watery, and has a silicone feel to it (which I’m not crazy about a high content of silicone in lotions in general) and it doesn’t provide much moisture, so those with dry skin may need an additional moisturizer. Those with oily skin may benefit from the non-greasy feel. When I want to skip a moisturizer all together and know I’ll be in the sun, I’ll usually opt for my Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 42.

    For the body, I’ve been using Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 15 Moisturizing Body Lotion. Since I don’t like the scent of sunscreen, I really appreciate the very minimal scent in this lotion and that it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It also leaves my skin feeling soft without an oily reside. I’m not too concerned with using a higher SPF because I don’t bare my skin too much, and I don’t spend much time in the sun. If I am in fact, spending time in the sun, I’ll use some good ol’ Banana Boat.

    “Like” Eucerin on Facebook for free samples

    If you’d like to try a sample of both the face and body moisturizer, make sure to visit EucerinUS on Facebook and “like” their page. Then, click on the “Pledge for Sample” tab to receive your samples.


    Also, stay tuned for a giveaway to try both products!


    Other important things to remember

    An important thing to recognize is that laying out at the beach or going to the pool shouldn’t be the only instances you should be wearing sunscreen. Even if the only time you see sun is on your way to work in the morning/afternoon, you should still be wearing sunscreen (on your face especially) and your neck, arms and hands (if they are exposed). Also, many people don’t think about it, but sunscreen on your lips is important as well. Having a lip balm containing SPF is a great thing to have when you’re spending time in the sun. There are many options at your local drugstore – Maybelline Baby Lips are a popular choice because they come in fun coloring packaging and scents, are inexpensive, claim to be moisturizing and provide SPF 20.

    Wishing you all a happy and safe Summer!

    10 thoughts on “The proper suncare you’ll need this summer and the products I’m currently using! Plus free samples!

    1. I like this post 🙂 I'm Sun crazy…so I'm always trying out new sun protection at the time I'm using Bobbi Brown's protective face cream spf 50


    2. Great post! I only recently started to religiously wear sunscreen every day after I started to notice sun spots on my face :/ Wish I had worn it more when I was younger, oh well! I've been wanting to try the Shiseido Sun Protection foundation as well bc/ I use their oil-free sunscreen and love it

      xx Louise
      A Little Beauty Luxury


    3. Thank you!

      Me too – Unfortunately, I never really had sunspots until I started exfoliating on the regular to fade my blemish scars. Meanwhile, I wasn't using sunscreen when my skin was incredible sensitive to sun damage.. and voila. Sun spots galore on my cheeks. *sigh*

      I've been curious about their sunscreen. I spotted it at my local TJMaxx recently and was close to purchasing it. The foundation is great. I love it for my “natural” days when I'm spending time outside. Even though it has very good buildable coverage, I find that bc the consistency is so thin, I can easily go overboard with it and use too much product. I try not to wear it TOO often so I won't run out quickly 🙂


    4. How do you go about reapplying sunscreen throughout the day if you have makeup on? I always feel like I have no choice but to wear no makeup if I'm going to be out in the sun so that I can reapply sunscreen.


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