Becca Nefertiti Pressed Shimmer Powder Review!

Becca Nefertiti Pressed Shimmer Powder

I have another Becca product to talk about today! Boy, the month of May seems like a Becca Extravaganza. I apologize for those that haven’t found much interest in the brand.

I’ve been very curious lately in exploring the different products the brand has to offer, and stumbled upon the Becca Pressed Shimmer Powders ($38).

The Becca Pressed Shimmer Powders are available in eight (8) shades: Hyawatha (silvery beige), Athena (golden bronze), Angel (pale silvery pink), Gypsy (bright golden pink), Odette (golden peach pink), Nymph (porcelain white), Princess (golden rose) and Nefertiti (golden pink).

Is it a Blush or a Highlighter?

These finely milled, shimmering powders are actually considered a “multi-use” product that can be used as either one – depending on the shade, that is. Some are better suited as a highlight shade for the cheeks, brow-bone and eyes, whilst the colorful ones would work great as a light blush. If you don’t want to wear them alone, you can lightly layer them on top of your blush for added dimension, color and glow.

I have Nefertiti, which is described as a golden pink. It’s an accurate description, as the base appears to be a neutral, dusty pink cascading with golden shimmer that provides a candlelit glow, rather than a tasteless inclusion of gritty glitter or abundance of metallic frost. When pink and gold collide, typically in a blush with a pink base and gold shimmer, it gives the illusion of a vibrant peach with pink undertones. But because the pink is so neutral, it doesn’t have the bright pink-coral effect of Nars Orgasm (or similar shades). I’d say it’s a bit similar to MAC Honey Rose Magically Cool Liquid Powder, but less shimmery with a slightly deeper pink tone.

A Powder that’s sure to give your Skin a Natural Glow

The consistency is velvety soft, and because it’s so soft, the brush can pick up a lot of product at once, so use sparingly at first, and go back and apply more if needed. It’s pigmented, but I don’t find the shimmer/frost to be as heavy as a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish or a Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick. For those who want lots of shimmer, or noticeable shimmer, these aren’t for you. If you enjoy the subtleness of a product like Dior Amber Diamond (my favorite highlighter), you may enjoy these.

To apply, I use a small stippling brush, such as the MAC #131 Duo-Fibre Brush, or similar. It can be layered over just about anything. I’ve paired with it with neutral blushes to add “a little something extra” as well as over vibrant pinks and peaches. It’s a little too light for my liking to be worn alone.

The packaging is standard Becca – a rubberized mirrored compact with their signature metal detailing on the front.

*I’ve heard that Becca powders are sometimes prone to breaking (My Becca Bronzer shattered in transit) and others informed me that they’ve had a Becca powder break here and there. For that reason, I’m careful with my compacts and will not travel with them.

The Round-up


  • Very soft texture
  • Blends easily
  • Provides a natural glow for those fearful of frost/glitter
  • Although it’s a common color mix (pink with gold shimmer), its unique and different from the other highlighters I own.


  • Those looking for noticeable shimmer may find that it’s almost “too” natural
  • Packaging – some love it, some hate it. Regardless the rubber catches every speck of dirt, causing me to wipe it down after every few uses.
  • Expensive – It’s definitely up there with other high end brands (MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes are $29 for the same amount of product) but less expensive than Dior.
  • Availability – There are limited locations where it can be purchased, so purchasing online is usually the main option. You can check the retail locations in your area here
Price: $38, Becca.

14 thoughts on “Becca Nefertiti Pressed Shimmer Powder Review!

  1. I love becca.. This is such a pretty shade! Kinda reminds me of MAC Margin blush which I've been reaching out for heaps lately.. But of course, becca quality cannot be compared with MAC 😉


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