Bonne Belle Strawberry Parfait Lip Lites Lipgloss Review!

Bonne Belle Strawberry Parfait

Bonne Belle Strawberry Parfait Lip Lites Lipgloss

You all know me by now, and I love finding a good makeup bargain. I’m not one that really likes to invest in a pricey lipgloss – as I always feel like I could find something similar at the drugstore for less than half of the price.

Take Bonne Belle Lip Lites in Strawberry Parfait ($3) for instance. A light, creamy, bubble-gum pink that is said to be a close duplicate for the ever-popular Nars Turkish Delight Lipgloss ($24). Both lipglosses will pretty much give the same effect to the lips, but Bonnie Belle costs 1/8th of the price of Nars at a mere $3 per tube.

The formula is creamy, non-sticky and feels great on the lips. The color pay-off is pretty good for a gloss – a couple of layers will give you that baby pink pout that everyone loves.

Bonne Belle Strawberry Parfait Lipgloss on my lips

I like that I can apply it on the go – no lipstick necessary.

There’s really nothing bad to say about this gloss except for those who are sensitive to scented cosmetics, you might want to skip this. It smells like strawberries and cream, and the sweet smell lingers on the lips for a while. It’s not ultra-strong, but strong enough to notice it’s there.

If you find this to be too pale for your liking, Essence makes a great lipgloss called Me & My Ice Cream. It’s a similar shade (non scented), but slightly warmer and less pastel – I find it a bit more wearable on my skintone. It’s inexpensive as well, at $2.29 a tube at ULTA.

The Round-up


  • Creamy formula that isn’t thick, nor watery
  • Sheer, but builds color well with additional coats
  • Isn’t sticky
  • Doesn’t dry out my lips
  • Inexpensive


  • Those who don’t like scented lip products may want to skip – Sad, because it’s a nice lip gloss, but the scent is a really artificial strawberries and cream that can be overpowering.
  • Can emphasize dryness due to the light pigment
  • The availability is limited – I can only find Bonne Belle at Walmart
Price: $3, Walmart.

24 thoughts on “Bonne Belle Strawberry Parfait Lip Lites Lipgloss Review!

  1. You know what I think? This looks like a great dupe for viva glam gaga…which I've been missing big time! And for $3 it's worth a try! Thanks! I absolutely love your reviews!


  2. Oh my goodness! I thought I was so cool using this back in highschool…they've changed up the packaging a couple of times but I still think it's a great drugstore product. You might want to try the shade “Cappuccino”…might be just your thing ❤


  3. I wear Cream Pop it's a nice warm golden pink. I only like it when I'm tan. Vanilla Swirl is a good nude shade for toning down bright lipsticks. I wish I could find their other colors, their website has them all for sale though.


  4. I think it looks better on me when I'm a bit paler – When I'm tan, it's a little too light and cool toned for me. I love Essence, I'll check it out!


  5. LOL! My best friend always wore these in highschool. I'm not sure why I never tried them. I was stuck on a certain ULTA lipgloss called 'Baby'.. it was the perfect bubblegum pink. I don't think they make it anymore. I'll check out Cappuccino 🙂 thanks, love!


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