Lancome Artliner Precision Point EyeLiner in Brown Review!

Lancome Artliner Precision Point EyeLiner

Lancome Artliner ($29.50) is a product I’ve been curious to try for the past few years. Many have dubbed this liner pen as their favorite liquid liner, and with it’s relatively high ratings, one can only wonder what the fuss is all about.

I use to be a liquid liner on the upper lid and kohl pencil on the waterline type of girl, but after realizing that just about every pencil irritates my eyes, I actually gave up wearing both and resorting to gel/cream liners and deep, dark eyeshadows (used as liner) for the past few years. MAC Liquidlast Liner was my Holy Grail liquid liner for several years (it still remains a favorite), and only recently have I started reaching for the liquid after I developed a little love relationship with Physician’s Formula Eye Booster (it’s just quick and easy). So I felt like it was time to give in to the Artliner, after several occasions of swatching it on my hand on my frequent trips to Sephora.

It’s basically a liquid liner pen that offers dramatic color and precise product product placement that is said to last all day. Many love this liner for it’s ease-of-use, smooth application and long wear-time.

There are seven (7) shades to choose from: Noir, Ice Black, Smoke, Brown, Navy, Forest and Aubergine. Naturally, I would have gotten black, but I opted for brown, for a softer look.

Wearing Lancome Artliner in Brown 
(list of products I’m wearing are at the end of the post)

Brown is a super-intense chocolate brown with the tiniest hint of shimmer, that isn’t at all noticeable. It gives a slight sheen more than anything, and the majority of the time, I don’t even notice it exists. Only if the sunlight is hitting my face can I spot a few sparkles.

The applicator tip is perfectly designed, as you can easily achieve a thick or thin line based on how you hold the liner during application. I’m able to line in my eyes in no time, and creating a wing is a synch.

I find long packaging designs to be a pain to apply – usually, the more compact the liner is, the easier it is to hold with your fingers and maneuver around your eye. The Artliner is a good size and doesn’t seem to get in the way or make application awkward.

It stays in place all day without flaking or feeling dry on my lids.

Sadly, I can’t really say from experience if there any for sure dupes (duplicates) for this liner because I haven’t explored the popular comparisons. Many have compared the Lancome Artliner to L’Oreal Lineur Intense, but I have yet to try the L’Oreal version. If you’ve tried both, let me know if you think they are comparable.

If you decide to purchase this at a Lancome counter, make sure to nab it while there’s a gift with purchase to somehow justify the hefty price tag of the eyeliner. Lancome typically has pretty awesome GWP’s.

The Round-Up


  • Sensible packaging – doesn’t get in the way during application
  • Intense pigment – I don’t have to go over the line to deepen the color
  • Smooth formula
  • Easy to create thick or thin lines
  • Doesn’t take much time to perfect
  • Quick drying time
  • Comfortable
  • Long-Lasing
  • I have to say the biggest con is the price – it’s over $30 with tax, which is pretty outrageous for a liner.  

Price: $29.50 Sephora, or your local dept. store Lancome counter.

*Products I’m wearing on my eye in the photo:
MAC Soba Eyeshadow all over the lid and applied across lower lash-line
MAC Brun Eyeshadow in the crease, outer-v, and lower lash-line
MAC Melon Pigment dusted lightly all over the lid
Lancome Brown Artliner Eyeliner
Stila Topaz Eyeliner on waterline (light peach)
Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara
False Lashes

9 thoughts on “Lancome Artliner Precision Point EyeLiner in Brown Review!

  1. I've been using this liner in black for years and it's my HG. I agree with all you said in your review. We pay more for it here in Canada though and obv pay higher taxes :/

    Gotta try the brown one too 🙂


  2. I absolutely LOVE this liner. I've only been using it for months, but it beats any other liquid liner I've tried. It is pretty expensive, but mine has lasted for a WHILE and shows no sings of quitting.


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