Givenchy Siena Silhouette Le Prisme Eyeshadow Quartet Review!

Givenchy Siena Silhouette

Givenchy Siena Silhouette Le Prisme Eyeshadow Quartet

Givenchy Le Prisme Eyeshadow Quartets ($57) are extremely soft, finely milled eyeshadow quads with rich color payoff and long-lasting power.

The Givenchy Quartlers are available in seven (7) shades: Blue Collection, Khaki Egerie, Midnight Look, Pastel Model, Purple Show, Siena Silhouette and Bucolic Blossoms.

Siena Silhouette is the only palette in the selection containing shades of brown, and any palette that can give me a full, warm brown eye look without using any additional products is pure bliss for me. Sienna Silhouette contains a deep, ash brown, medium milk chocolate brown, light peach and a shimmering golden champagne. The shimmering golden champagne color contains the most shimmer, while the others have a subtle iridescence.

Each of the shades are pigmented, especially the darker shades. The lighter shades (particularly the highlight shade) are a little more sheer. They can be built to a fuller coverage if applied wet, used with a cream base, or applied heavily.

I like all of the shades, but if I had the chance to swap the peach shade for a iridescent gold, I’d do it in a second. I’m not crazy about peach eyeshadow in general, but it works well with this quad. I’m sure I’ll be getting the most use out of the other shades.

Although there is a variety of possibilities to wear with each quartet, Givenchy suggests the method illustrated below.

The consistency of these shadows are very soft, and blend with ease. I’d say the texture is fairly comparable to Chanel Eye Shadows.

Without a doubt, Givenchy has some very appealing products. Their packaging and design of the products are very sleek and modern, and captures the luxury of the haute couture brand. Their powder products are especially pretty, especially some of their limited edition launches.

(Photo taken in direct sunlight)

(Photo taken indoors with fluorescent light)

Is this palette a must-have? No, not necessarily. It’s a good product and performs well, but there are other products out there that are similar – some with a better value. What stands out to me is the packaging design and the soft, silky texture of the shadows and how well they apply. The colors might be pigmented, but I’d expect good pigmentation anyways for the price. For those with an extensive collection of eyeshadows you can probably skip, but for those who really want to try Givenchy, it might be worth the splurge.

The Round-Up


  • Very soft texture that blends easily
  • Each of the shades are pigmented, especially the darker shades. The lighter shades are pigmented, but may require a base/heavy application for full coverage color.
  • The four colors in this particular palette work very well together.
  • Small, lightweight, chic and innovative packaging design including a mirror and a slide compartment containing three (3) applicators.


  • I sort of wish that the highlight shade was a little more opaque – but that’s my preference only.
  • Givenchy is a luxury brand, and has a price tag to match it. $57 is quite a lot to spend on the Givenchy Le Prisme Eyeshadow Quartets, and it isn’t exactly the best value. This palette contains four (4) eyeshadows with a total 0.14 oz of product. Christian Dior Eyeshadow Quints contain five (5) eyeshadows with a total 0.21 oz of product for $59, which would be a better value. Chanel Eyeshadow Quads contain four (4) eyeshadows with a total 0.24 oz of product, which is also a better value. 
Price: $57, Sephora.

27 thoughts on “Givenchy Siena Silhouette Le Prisme Eyeshadow Quartet Review!

  1. The peach shade looks like it'd be pretty as a blush. I'd probably just prefer to create a MAC quad for a bit less money but this does look pretty.


  2. Natty could you please help me with a blog related question? I've been trying to insert page jumps like yours but it just isn't working. I even tried googling for help. I have been a longtime fan of your blog…please comment on mine if you can help!!

    Thanks so much,


  3. I feel like the colors are easily dupe-able. They aren't really all that unique. It's the texture more than anything that stands out from this palette.


  4. I haven't tried that, but maybe I will and see how it works!

    I was thinking about that as well. For $53 you can create your own MAC 4-palette that contains 0.20 oz of product. Not a huge difference in the size/price, but I'd probably be more inclined to purchase MAC as well.


  5. Hi Freddy,

    I just looked at your blog, and it looks like you have it figured out? Where ever you want the page jump to be, just insert the code “< !--more-- >” in the html (minus the spaces).


  6. It's a lovely color, but I can only get peaches to work on my eyes if I'm rocking a nice tan. haha Otherwise, peach makes me look kind of ill. I think it's a nice summery shade for all over the lids.


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