Introducing "Beauty Buzz Sessions" to Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary!

A new feature will be added to my blog, called “Beauty Buzz Sessions“.

A Buzz Session is basically a discussion of a given topic among a small (although it doesn’t have to be small) group of people. Considering there are many of you that visit daily, I thought that adding a feature allowing us to better interact with each other (readers with other readers, and readers with me) would be a great tool to get to know one another a little better by hearing your thoughts/feelings on certain topics!

Of course because this is a Beauty Blog, the topics will tie into beauty – but I’m using “beauty” as a very general term, as the topics aren’t going to just be simply about makeup, etc. I’d like to also address some personal feelings into these topics that pertains to many of us, but we all don’t necessarily talk about. I strongly believe that when your thoughts and feelings are set free, especially to those who understand, it provides us with self-empowerment, something that each of us can only benefit from. I mean, we’re all here because we share some of the same passions/interests, right!? There will also be fun topics here and there!

Discussion is highly encouraged and appreciated! I’d love for everyone to participate if the topic is something you have an opinion about. If you’re neutral on the topic and don’t have any particular thoughts, it’s no biggie. I’ll toss in a poll at the end of the post where you’ll be able to provide quick feedback – if you want to, that is!

I’ll be organizing the first Beauty Buzz Session within the next few days, but I wanted to let you know beforehand, and I’m hoping some of you will participate!

As a little bonus, I will put together a giveaway containing some of my favorite beauty products to each Beauty Buzz Session. Each of those who responded by the given time frame (because for any giveaway there has to be a beginning and end date) will be entered in the drawing, and the winner will be picked by random. The discussion will of course always remain open. It’s my personal thank you for participating!

Talk to you soon!


18 thoughts on “Introducing "Beauty Buzz Sessions" to Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary!

  1. I edited it, so it makes more sense.

    What I meant was “given time period/time frame”. Because with any giveaway, there has to be a start and end date. The topic will remain open, but the giveaway will probably last for a week or so.


  2. This sounds like a great idea! I love how interactive you're making the blog for your readers. Thank you, thank you! – it's such a treat to see a blogger who not only cares about talking but also LISTENING. We need more bloggers like you! 🙂


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