Zoya Yara Nail Polish Review!

zoya yara

Zoya Yara Nail Polish

Zoya Yara Nail Polish ($8) is a medium olive/khaki or army green infused with very fine gold glitter. It’s by no means a glitter polish, so don’t let that throw you off if you don’t care for glitter polish. In fact, it looks more shimmery in the bottle, than it does on the nails. Sadly, it’s one of those polishes where the glitter becomes semi-lost in the opaque color base once applied. It’s still visible, mostly under direct light. I think it’s a really pretty, unique color – perfect for Fall.

This is only my third Zoya polish, and so far, I’ve had luck with all of them formula-wise. The formula is completely ideal – it isn’t thick, and it isn’t watery. It’s a very good medium – nice and creamy, which makes application a breeze. 

zoya yara
Two coats of Zoya Yara on my nails (with Seche Vite Top Coat)

zoya nail polish

The color is opaque, so if painting your nails is one of your dreaded chores, you can get away with one coat of this polish. The polish dries fairly quick between coats (always a good thing). I find that two coats of this polish is perfect.

We all experience different wear times with our nail polish based on how hard/easy we are on our nails, base/top coats, etc, so my wear-time may completely differ from yours. I used a Seche Base and (Vite) Top Coat, and I wasn’t even able to get through two days of wear without my polish peeling off. Really sad, because I love this polish.

The Round-Up


  • Beautiful, unique color
  • Ideal, creamy formula that isn’t too thick or thin
  • Applies evenly without streaks
  • Completely opaque with two coats
  • Natural Ingredients – Toxin-Free


  • Wear time was pretty poor, but this can differ from person to person.

Price: $8, Zoya. I purchased mine from ULTA on clearance.

15 thoughts on “Zoya Yara Nail Polish Review!

  1. Ohh pretty. I love Zoya as they do such unique shades and the formula is so nice and almost jelly like or something compared to thicker polishes like Essie.


  2. You should definitely check them out if they are available anywhere near you. Sometimes they have really good specials on the website as well. I love the formula, and they have some really great colors.


  3. Yes! Awesome formula. I agree – Essie is a hit or miss. Sometimes they are thin and streaky, and sometimes they are thick and goopy. Essie do some really great colors, but I'm not a fan of their polish overall. I like OPI better.


  4. I bought several Zoya polishes & I was so disappointed! Within a day my nails chipped! I also used a base & top coat… CND. I returned all 6 polishes I purchased @ Ulta. Such a shame because they have beautiful colors.


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