Jewelmint Classic Cinema Bracelet Review!

jewelmint classic cinema bracelet

Jewelmint Classic Cinema Bracelet

Jewelmint Classic Cinema Bracelet is a new spin on the Cinema Americano Bracelet. It’s the same design, but for July, the new version was released in silver.

The bracelet is a mixture of curb and cable links with two textured links that give this bracelet a bit of style. The bracelet measures 7 1/2″.

I love the gaudy, chunky chain trend, so when I saw this bracelet in my July showroom, I thought it’d be a perfect everyday piece. You may have noticed that I skipped June, because I really didn’t see anything I liked. But I actually liked a few items this month, and I ended up deciding on one that I thought I could get the most use out of/the most practical.

Needless to say, I received it in the mail today and wasn’t too satisfied with it. Had I saw the bracelet in person, I would have chosen something else.

The weight of the piece is nice – it’s not heavy, but it’s not ultra-lightweight. It’s well-made, and the links are attached very sturdy. The clasp is also very sturdy.

It’s not a shiny silver, but it’s not grungy/oxidized . It looks a lot like dull, stainless steel.

jewelmint classic cinema bracelet review
Wearing the Classic Cinema Bracelet mixed with other bracelets (H&M)
Photo Credit: Luuux

You might like the lackluster finish of the bracelet, but I think it’s one of the reasons that this bracelet doesn’t do much for me. The bracelet itself is a very simple design and combined with the matte finish, it’s really nothing unique. If there were a few rhinestones on the textured links, I think it really could have added something to this bracelet, or made it a shinier finish.

I think this bracelet is much prettier in gold (from photos, at least). In the photo borrowed above, the person had two of the bracelets stacked, and I think it looks really nice.

It works well on it’s own, but I think it looks best when layered. I think it looks pretty cool when different textures and finishes are layered, so wearing it in conjunction with shiny bracelets, a watch, etc, makes this bracelet stand out a bit more.

The bracelet feels comfortable on my wrist, and the links don’t seem to dig into my skin at all. It’s a very nice fit.

jewelmint classic cinema bracelet

jewelmint classic cinema bracelet

jewelmint classic cinema bracelet

jewelmint classic cinema bracelet review

jewelmint classic cinema bracelet review

Overall, I’m pretty neutral on this bracelet, but that’s my opinion only! Let me know what you think!

The Round-Up


  • Sturdy, well made.
  • Comfortable on my wrist.
  • Looks nice when layered.
  • A good, everyday piece.


  • Very plain – which is fine, but it doesn’t make a statement, and looks very dull.
  • Looks cheap on my wrist when worn alone. 
  • Has no “wow” factor – wouldn’t qualify as a statement piece.

    My cons are based on the price tag. I don’t think this bracelet is horrible, but I don’t think it’s worth the price. Bear in mind this is my opinion only. You may love this bracelet and think I’m nuts. I do own a handful of Jewelmint pieces, so I can distinguish the good and the bad (quality and visual appeal). They do have very nice items, but I believe it’s a hit or miss.

    To join Jewelmint for free, click here. Plus, receive 50% off your first purchase use code: NY1001.

    Price: All items on Jewelmint are a standard $29.99 with free shipping.

    10 thoughts on “Jewelmint Classic Cinema Bracelet Review!

    1. I had this bracelet in my bag for a long time but never pulled the trigger. I wanted the gold one but it was sold out before I could get to it. I like the concept of the bracelet but it doesn't have that wow factor like you said. Thanks for the photos! Now to pick up a different piece lol


    2. i completely agree with u– i got this in both gold and silver and love the gold. i was very disappointed that the silver has a dull finish.


    3. I just received the silver (Classic Cinema bracelet) this morning & was totally disappointed. It’s dull & worn looking, so I’ll be sending it back. Received the Cinema Americano bracelet this week which is gold & it is lovely.


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